Eloplay €? A Venue For Duels And Tournaments For Popular ESports Games

Today in category “Startups” – Eloplay platform where online players can fight in solo play for money, play prize pools in tournaments and to watch streams of other games. Pass the microphone. My name is Vitaly Balakhonov, I am 32 years old.

Im the brand Manager of a new eSports arena Eloplay. This is my first big startup, before that I worked on already existed projects. Our project is a platform for online games. Cyberarena where the best players can earn on their abilities.

The first idea of the project was to give users the opportunity to wager, to bet, play and earn money. The system in this case would act as a guarantor in determining the winner and gave him the prize.

So there was a mode “Duel”. It is aimed at players of all skill levels and the cash rate (which can start from $0,1) it increases the desire to win and encourages players to train their skills in their favorite game. As a result of the winnings the player gets real money immediately.

This is our competitive advantage among the similar projects. Next, we looked at all these already existing platforms. Interviewed players. And stressed two important points:

Tournaments. Players love them very much and are looking for where to take part in them. Therefore, our platform should support this mode. Layering. As in any sport, cybersieve there are strong and weak teams.

Therefore, a mechanism is needed that will divide players based on their skills and achievements. For this we have introduced a League that formed as a result of “Fast Fights” with random opponents of equal level. We decided that the project needs to look impressive, be easy and intuitive for users.

It was decided to order a design in “Lebedev Studio”. The development took a lot of time, but the result we were satisfied. The project was launched in beta mode since October of 2016.

The main tasks over the past time were to check the game modes, search strengths and weaknesses, feedback from a real audience to understand what modern players and how to make the path to victory is as exciting. We strive to ensure that the site was the ability to play on all cyberdisplay. That is the tournament, because not every computer game fit into that category.

Decided to start with the two most popular. Counter Strike. Global Offensive and League of Legends. Now almost all the fights are one-on-one.

There are teams, but they have not yet so much as I would like. Two games is just the beginning. The plans include a permanent gaming disciplines and, consequently, expanding the audience of gamers. Three game modes provided on the website will be improved with the feedback of players.

We also plan to implement a model of subscriptions and the division of paid and free audiences. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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