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And 11 companies. Edition vc.ru continues to publish summary professionals wishing to work in startups and it companies (out Mondays), as well as jobs companies looking for employees (released on Thursday).

About the company. Iceberg — Russian it-startups founder, Vladislav Martynov, YotaPhone. Working in the field of data mining in sports. We offer work for talented developers with Java (Spring) Junior level or Middle.

Task. Work on the website of hockey Analytics, which is used by head coaches and General managers of the world hockey clubs. You qualify if:

What working in a startup: Contacts. [email protected]

The position is open in Moscow. About the company. Cor Apis — developer of the worlds first mobile building a 3D printer. Our technology is able to revolutionize the global construction industry and change the perspective on the problem of affordable and reliable housing.

But first our project is our team. Responsibilities: Requirements:

Pros: Responsibilities:

Requirements: Official employment schedule 5/2, in a modern landscaped office in Moscow. The rate of pay and the ability to work remotely are discussed individually.

Contacts. [email protected] Jobs are open in Moscow. About the company.

Cognitive Technologies is the Russias largest it company, developer of custom solutions in the field of information technology. Cognitive Pilot — the only Russian project on creation of unmanned vehicle (automatic driving), successfully entered the international market. C-Pilot created by a team of professionals with over 20 years of developing systems of artificial intelligence. Responsibilities:

Requirements: Conditions:

Contacts. [email protected] The position is open in Moscow. About the company.

Aviasales.ru website for travel planning. Our app is in every fifth smartphone in Russia. The employee must be familiar with the media market, have contacts in the media advertising agencies and among advertisers.

Experience required, we are looking for accomplished professional who will be a partner to its customers, and is responsible not only for sales but also for proper planning of advertising campaigns, KPI implementation, optimization placements. From you:

You may send your CV via the link. The position involves the management of all automatic placements of ads. The main functions of this person will be. Setting up and maintaining the selected advertising management systems; development of structure of equipment, development of new advertising formats, the introduction of the services; launch of display advertising, performance monitoring systems, load planning inventory, preparation of reports; optimization of placement partners.

You. You may send your CV via the link.

Account Manager we seek will manage the relationships with our existing customers. The main functions of this person will be.

Requirements: Conditions:

You may send your CV via the link. Jobs are open in Moscow. About the company. “Tutu.ru” is a popular tourist site in Russia.

Responsibilities: Requirements:

We offer: Contacts. [email protected] The position is open in Moscow.

About the company. Oh, my has been manufacturing and selling clothes. We create and develop in Russia a world class product using only high quality materials. For seven years we have become experts in the field of garment production, and now were facing an ambitious challenge — to achieve a multiple increase in sales b2b-customers.

Tasks: Requirements:

We offer: The wage level of 100 thousand rubles. Contacts.

[email protected] The position is open in Saint-Petersburg. About the company. Holding Choco family includes five Internet-projects, each of which is a leader in its sphere in KazNet.

Chocolife.me is a service of collective purchases; Chocotravel — service for the sale of air and railway tickets; Chocomart — online-hypermarket; Lensmark — online-optics; Chocofood — service food delivery. Responsibilities: Requirements:

Contacts. [email protected] The position is open in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

About the company. Chat Helpdesk developed by the international service for b2c-communication with clients via instant messengers WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram and others. Responsibilities:

Requirements: Salary. 130-160 thousand rubles, bonuses.

It is possible to participate in the profits. Possible remote is a full-time-work with office visit once or twice a week. Contacts.

[email protected] The position is open in Saint-Petersburg. About the company. Smile Bright Media — the U.S. Agency for content marketing on foreign resources.

We help companies to talk about themselves to potential customers in Europe, USA and in the home markets of the CIS countries. The main product of our work — texts in English and Russian languages. Responsibilities:

Requirements: Conditions: Responsibilities:

Requirements: Contacts. [email protected]

Jobs with ability to work remotely. About the company. Playrix — the leader of the gaming market in the CIS, ranked in the top 20 largest mobile publishers in the world. The company is the Creator of such hits as Township, Fishdom and Gardenscapes, which daily played by millions of people.

Our team consists of more than 500 professionals who work from 85 cities of Russia and CIS. We offer remote work from anywhere in the world or in one of nine offices of the company. Tasks:

Requirements: Task. Creating videos (commercials for games, the entry rollers in games, PR clips). Examples of tasks the link.

Requirements: We offer work from any location with an official clearance, vacation, sick leave, and help with the organization of the workplace. Purchased the necessary equipment, pay for Internet, or rent a co-working space.

Learn more about the conditions of work and to see the full list of over 50 open remote vacancies, you can visit the “Career Playrix”. Our company has a referral program. We guarantee a bonus of up to $700 if you recommended successful candidate will work four weeks.

Contacts. [email protected] Jobs with ability to work remotely.

About the company. OneTwoTrip — service, where you can fully plan your trip. To buy plane tickets and book a hotel anywhere in the world, and also to buy train tickets in Russia and CIS countries. Tasks:

Organization of work of the Department. Monitoring and analysis of indicators of quality of service and operational performance at all points of contact. Develop and implement activities for continual improvement in performance. Development and implementation of KPIs and staff incentive schemes. The development team.

Selection, adaptation, training of the staff. Forming the processes of interaction with adjacent departments as well as external contractors. The formation of the Departments budget, monitoring its execution. The search for new solutions to improve service.

Requirements: Experience in a similar position five years. Be sure to have examples of successfully implemented projects to improve customer satisfaction. The ability to build processes and manage them. Leadership qualities and management skills of a large team.

The desire and ability to work with a huge volume of numerical data. Willingness to short business trips at least twice a quarter. Will be a plus: Experience in the field of electronic Commerce.

Experience in travel sector. English-level Upper Intermediate and above. Knowledge of call center outsourcers and in-house. Tasks:

Development of new products and development existing ones. Analysis of competitive products, the ability to improve their own. Project management (requirements, plans, quality control, budgets and risks). Team management and implementing bold ideas that benefit the service.

Requirements: The combination of leadership and administrative skills, willingness and ability to delegate and monitor tasks. Ability to organize work and achieve results. Knowledge of modern development methodologies, and experience of their application in practice. Responsibility.

Completed projects in web and mobile development. Love of travel a must. Conditions:

Contacts. [email protected] Jobs are open in Moscow. About the company.

“Factory of loyalty” develops a product that improves communication between business and client with the help of mobile applications. Our decision to use world famous brands. Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC. We are one of the few Russian companies that is not only successful in Russia, but is actively entering the markets of Europe and America. Our product is used 600 companies in 11 countries and over 9 million end users.

Responsibilities: We expect from the candidate:

What we offer: Contacts. [email protected] The position is open in Moscow.

About the company. “Band geeks” — publisher of childrens educational games. Our game is more development, which is really exciting train various important skills, from reading to operations with fractions. We also do other cool projects.

Develop community learning and development, making a website with activities for children, conducting childrens mathematical festival, organized toy library. You qualify if: Activities that should be coordinated:

What we offer: Salaries of 30 thousand rubles.

Contacts. [email protected] The position is open in Saint-Petersburg. About the company.

Players — a digital Agency that specializiruetsya at work with YouTube. Players develops and produces branded video content from the easy integration of brands to YouTube series. Requirements:

Youll fit right in, if you can: Contacts. [email protected]

The position is open in Moscow. About the company. “Yogurt!” — game Studio, known for their hits “the Slammer”, “Metro 2033” and “In the trenches”. The companys offices are located in Volgograd and St. Petersburg.

Tasks: Requirements:

A big plus would be: We offer: Contacts.

[email protected] The position is open in Saint-Petersburg. If you are an experienced online specialist and looking for a job in a startup, please send your CV to [email protected] Please include:name, photo in high resolution, horizontal orientation (without photo applications will not be accepted);two lines about the background. Education, previous work, awards;specific case studies, portfolio;where would you like to get and why, which company or startup;suggestions for wages or other remuneration (share in a startup).

If you have a startup and looking for a specialist, send e [email protected] job description:job title;description of duties, required experience;a story about the company;photo office in high resolution, horizontal orientation (without photo applications will not be accepted);the level of wages or other remuneration (share in the company). Dont forget the subject line indicate “vacancy” or “summary”.

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