Entrepreneur from Novosibirsk organized the business of renting rented apartments through Airbnb

According to the businessman, he rents three apartments in Novosibirsk, which passes through the service Airbnb. While homeowners do not know about how to use their property. Im not afraid that someone finds out and tells. “All that we terminate the lease,”.

No problem — try to find the same tenants that your apartment will be in this state to maintain and pay you cash. For cleaning of apartments, the entrepreneur hired a maid. “Im crying, 600 rubles for the exit, about four times a month”.

On average for one day rental of the apartment entrepreneur gets 1600 rubles. The average occupancy rate of accommodation — 20 days in a month. “There are 32 thousand rubles, minus 20 thousand roubles the owner of the apartment, minus the shampoo, soap and maid services. Get 10-15 thousand rubles of net profit from one apartment”.

In order to maintain a high rating apartments in Airbnb, a resident of Novosibirsk have developed a few rules in dealing with guests. For example, he sends guests a SMS with the recommendations of cafes, restaurants, constantly asked if they could help. Entrepreneur notes that the scheme by which he works, illegal. “In fact, people are so secretive about their income.

All come distribution. “If you are a U.S. citizen, please provide your taxpayer identification number” to notify the receipt of money. But Russian authorities havent gotten that far yet”. The American system, the card for the host, which money is paid, is available at the Bank of new York and sent by mail.

The man who rents an apartment, paying an American company using a Bank card as if he bought Microsoft license. Then the company minus its fee transfers money to the account in the Bank of new York, and youre here, as if you were an American citizen, traveling the world, go and withdraw money from an ATM or spend in store.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/can-success-failure-fifty-shades-grey-teach-startup-founder/

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