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Welcome. My name is Anna Otte, I am 32 years old. The last seven years I worked in retail. “Tape”, “Yulmart”. Focused on design and automation of business processes.

Working in large companies has given me not only many interesting experiences, but also understanding the value of a simple and beautiful solutions. Imagine your court the first prototype of the platform E-trends.ru — favorites on the online site. We all actively use the Internet, addressing with it, a variety of questions in the most unexpected situations.

Naturally, we do this with a variety of devices — smartphones, tablets, home computers, work laptops. Of course, each device can store the most popular content in the favorites folder. But the number of used sites today is that even in the most advanced browsers is not suitable for this volume links userfriendly storage. And the more devices, the more difficult it is to find the website and remember which of the gadgets saved a cherished link.

Then we go in the search engines, spend time on viewing ads, flip websites, including the fake or long dead, and so on. In the end, the decision on sometimes the most trivial of questions wasted precious time and peace of mind. So I wanted to create a modern elegant platform with user-friendly interface, where it would be easy from any device to get access to quality content and to make use of selections of sites under specific tasks. For example, when we are going on vacation, its hard to do just to book a hotel still need tickets, it is interesting to read the reviews of other travelers, read about attractions or to find a travel companion.

Add sites until that is possible only through the moderator, who before the publication evaluates the content not so much on formal ratings or popularity, but by the quality of content and functionality. Publishing sites for promotional purposes is not provided — the content must be primarily useful to the audience and adequately decorated. At the same time, we offer the most effective website promotion — serves them to users in a package of complementary services in the form of collections relevant for addressing the pressing issues.

To create the current version had no special investment. Together with her husband coped during the month on pure enthusiasm, working evenings and sometimes nights. If E-trends.ru find your audience — we will, of course, to attract employees.

We would like to focus on high-quality interface. We assume that we select the sites on a regular basis. In the second phase we will, of course, connect a personal account so that users can create folder with favorite links, organize them in different themes to customize the design and so on.

Returned the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup. Welcome to the tribune.

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