Evernote refused to have regular janitorial staff and other bonuses to reduce costs

Evernote has previously paid its employees a full cleaning of their homes every two weeks special cleaning service. Now, the company refused the bonus, says one of the employees in the service notes. Every Evernote employee can request temporary transfer to a foreign office with full payment of costs. This feature remained, but now the company carefully monitors what the employee is in another country, says BI.

Also the guide no longer compensates its employees the cost of charging electric vehicles, said the source BI. The food at the office became less diverse — instead of a single contract with a delivery service Evernote now uses the services of several regular suppliers. Most Evernote will save on cancelling the annual conference of the Evernote Conference, which was held in San Francisco in the past few years, the newspaper notes. Representatives of the company told BI that they were not planning to organize an event in 2015, as 75% of the service users is outside the United States.

September 30, two months after the change of CEO, Evernote announced a reduction of 13% of employees and close three offices — in Moscow, Taiwan and Singapore. Among the fired employees turned out to be the head of Department to work with external developers Chris Traganos (Chris Traganos), as well as several of his subordinates. However, the company representatives reported that they did not intend to close the external API to use the service, third-party applications.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/6-tools-that-simplify-work-with-offshore-development-teams/

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