“Every Sixth Trip, Corporate Transportation €? Unauthorized”

How to save on transportation costs and increase the efficiency of off-site employees. The material was prepared with the support of “Beeline Business”. Contain corporate fleet is always difficult — often I want to abandon the idea just because of the high costs. In addition, owners of corporate vehicles are often faced with unscrupulous employees who use cars for personal purposes.

On vc.ru — material on how to simultaneously save on corporate vehicles without reputational losses and increase the efficiency of their own employees. According to the Agency “AUTOSTAT”, in 2016 in Russia it sold more of 1.31 million passenger cars. A significant portion of them are bought under corporate needs. Due to the spread of leasing programs, almost every company can afford to maintain a small fleet of several vehicles.

Because of the scope of transportation often depends on many things — business development, working with partners, sales, reputation, incentives for employees. Most of the services outsourcing hard hit on the company budget, so business is more profitable, keep its own fleet, especially in a crisis. However, the content of its own fleet — it is also a constant source of headaches.

Technical support, payment of insurance and Parking, the control of fuel consumption and unauthorized journeys, payment of fines for violations, the probability of an accident, the incompetence of the drivers — just a small list of problems faced by managers. It cost optimization must be approached carefully. The more the company saves on its own fleet, the more unfavorable light he appears in front of customers. Wanting to reduce costs, companies buy or lease a car in poor condition and exploit them to the last.

As a result, the business gets a serious loss of reputation. To save on maintenance of the fleet without compromising their reputation and to increase the monitoring of employees using the services of “Unified monitoring” from “Beeline” Business. The product combines all modern possibilities to control the movement and condition of monitoring objects in real time using the four options. “Search”, “Search+”, “Compass”, “Compass+”.

. By selecting “Search” and “Search+” follow the transport as it moves between base stations. The option “Compass” allows to carry out monitoring on the basis of data collected by satellites GLONASS/GPS, and the option “Compass+” provides the ability to control movements through all available technologies, geo-positioning. Together with “Beeline Business” vc.ru reviewed the main problems and their solutions related to the maintenance of its own car Park.

According to the “Beeline”, each 6 travel corporate transportation — unauthorized. Often drivers or even the companys managers can use the cars not in working order. Online monitoring of routes compliance and reporting services “Unified monitoring” allows to achieve optimization and a transparent process of transportation. The mobile application “Beeline tracker” gives you the opportunity to build an automated business process when interacting with drivers.

Service costs 17 rubles per day. Another common problem is fraud of the drivers with the fuel consumption. As you know, petrol can be drained, and checks to falsify. With all of the same services “Unified monitoring”, the entrepreneur is always aware of the indications of the fuel level sensors company cars are only for 1.7 rubles per day.

So a company can reduce fuel costs up to 17% believe in the “Beeline”. Most often, the payment of fines for traffic violations falls on the company, not the drivers. The service “Unified monitoring” allows to get information about violation of speed limits on road signs and records all the turns the drivers on a double solid.

The customer receives an SMS or an e-mail with reports. The information about speed, mileage, loss of signal, Parking and Parking of a company car. Therefore, the company is always up to date, do not violate its employees of traffic rules, and if violated, then in what circumstances. Moreover, “Beeline” calculated. Costs of fines will be reduced to 28%.

Detailed reports will relieve the user from the main suspicions — effectively employees perform their tasks. “Beeline” will provide all the necessary information about how much corporate car arrived to the destination, if there was any delay, whether the care was delivered cargo, emergency travel if the drivers and not only. Obtaining documentary evidence of work done using photos and video records allows to increase the efficiency of interaction with off-site employees.

The basic features package of services “Unified monitoring” allows to study in detail the transport routes and employees, to capture all important business events over any day, minute by minute. According to estimates, “Beeline”, using the package reduces the maintenance costs of the car fleet by approximately 20%. Package “Unified monitoring” is not limited only to monitoring of routes. It also allows you to control the testimony of special equipment (for example, engine hours, engine speed, rises the body of excavators, tractors, trucks).

Learn more about other features and conditions of connection services “Unified monitoring” can be found on the website of “Beeline” Business. On the publication of promotional materials and contact the sales Department.

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