Examples Of The Use Of Chat-bots In The Business

Cases Aviasales, “Connected”, YouDrive and other companies. Column of the founder of the service TextBack.ru Alexander Serebryakov.

With the advent of chat-bots in the business have been many changes. The company and customers interested in this tool but do not always have time for updates in the industry. Let us understand why brands are adopting Russian chat bots, what guided the creation, and how the chat-bot can help the business.

This is the landscape of the industry the use of chat bots created by American service KeyReply. It reflects the key market players and tools to develop bots. The company are distributed along the axes, depending on the functions performed by their bots (support, marketing) and from where they are created (in the company or in the Studio).

The circle in the center is a popular instant messenger that allows you to create bots via robust APIs. Next round – Brands – companies that have launched and experimented with bots appropriate type (e.g., Managed x Support — bot support ordered in the Studio). Providers – companies that help brands to create bots and tools used by service providers, brands or developers to run bots.

Facebook Messenger – chatbot-platform audience of more than 1.2 billion active users per month and over 100 million active bots in the world. Leading platform among messengers in USA and set of features — the most advanced for developers. Large selection of communication elements (templates of the list, the extension checks templates check), authentication, payments, sending service messages via the phone number, (only in USA).

VKontakte – API is for bots to communicate on behalf of the community with their users. You can send customers text, photo, files, location, stickers. No elements of interaction that exist in other chat-bot platforms. Buttons, menus, extensions, templates, messages.

Viber – public-accounts for business Viber became available last year. The company can customize the interactivity with subscribers to your account via the bot or CRM. Among created chat-bots on the platform chat-bot of Glamour magazine, App in The Air, Aviasales. Telegram – one of the first opened the possibility to create bots in messenger.

In total, according to Forbes, the Telegram created about 100 thousand bots. Russian cases. Chat-bot “Sberbank”, OneTwoTrip_Bot bot “Mail of Russia”, edition of “Medusa” and so on. Not long ago, the chat-bots in the Telegram has learned to accept payments from users in Russia receive payments by Yandex.Cash.

WhatsApp – WhatsApp is no official accounts for businesses. According to the open platform API is scheduled for autumn 2017. It is known that WhatsApp is testing the API with some companies in the markets of India, Brazil and Pakistan — for example, farmers get notifications about the physical condition of cows. Marketing bots often use for your marketing activities.

Efficiency is measured by the number of engaged users, conversion to sales and profit. Bots support to survive much longer, and customers have become accustomed to them. It uses metrics such as speed of answer, customer satisfaction, fewer calls to the call center and so on.

I talked with five big Russian companies, to find out who made them a chat-bot, what the bot decides how to assess its effectiveness, and what he plans to learn. Platform.

Distribution of video content on request. Comedy Club Production — not an it company, so to create a bot, we have attracted the Studio Wobot.

In the project we participated in their “creative resource”. The bot implements a very simple function — gives subscribers the ability to watch video content in a single click. The viewer gets access to the video library Comedy Club via 3 buttons. “New issue” which appears immediately after it aired on TNT, the “Current season” and “pick of the day”.

The creators continue to think about new buttons that the spectator was interested most download bot. The aim of the project is to simplify the life of the viewer changes it is not.

The bot sends one message per week when theres a new release of the program. According to Levin, the method of “timeshifting” in a familiar user environment messenger and is the most successful and promising. “And so the user spends a considerable part of his time, so to catch his attention easier,” — said General Director of “Gazprom-Media entertainment TV” Artur Janibekyan.

Platform. Telegram.

Bot ⅔ reduced the number of calls to the company. YouDrive bot was created by regular developers. Scripts and functions were developed after analysis of customer requests via other channels of communication — telephone, mail and social networks.

The purpose of the bot is to make the process of notification of problems with a car or rent simple and convenient for customer and increase the speed of processing of applications by the employees of the service by decreasing customer wait time solutions. First, the bot offers a ready-made instant solution to various issues. From “how to start the car” to “what should I do if I got in an accident”.

Second, it distributes user requests to the responsible employees. Each type of treatment is routed to the appropriate Department to promptly solve problems.

The most popular function of the bot — “send message”, then the question can be asked in free form. In the second place the items on the condition of the car. Then the bot gives the user the already known defects of the car, i.e. in most cases the user does not need to send us a photo. Now a day averages 1,200 calls to the bot, among which 150 of the appeal on the condition of the car (new cases) and about 100 — about problems with the order.

Since the launch of the robotic system, we reduced the number of incoming phone calls by 66%, and appeals through the mail — 33%. The speed of response to treatment has also increased, and the quality of care has not fallen. We are now developing the next update of the bot.

Plan to ease the scenario of complaints about the condition of the car, and add a section on forgotten things. Platform. Telegram.

Some users spent with the bot for three hours. This game bot is from “the messenger” and the Agency Iwill published in 2015 on the eve of Halloween.

Users had to help the hero to reach outlets “Coherent”, where the plot worked as he liked the girl. We have created a bot to check out the new channel and understand how to use it in the future. The effectiveness was measured by number of engaged users and people who have completed the quest till the end. The walk was not all. On the way there were obstacles.

If the hero is caught in a desperate situation, the user could begin the quest again. Platform. Telegram.

Allows you to rent a car without. The service taxi “max” uses three messenger — Viber, Telegram and Zello walkie talkie.

Soon the service plans to add information on the status of the order through messengers. The message will be to the active users of these services. The pros and the messengers — the speed and reliability of information, interactivity.

Such a message can you arrange, add buttons, images, videos. It will attract the users attention and will not look like spam. We noticed that users of messaging are more interested in entertainment content. Therefore, to promote the public account in Viber we chose this direction.

Information content we will add only after it will build a loyal base of subscribers. Platform. Telegram, Slack.

Looking for discounted prices. All the bots in Aviasales we do on their own. Work best alertbot when the user asks to keep up to date with existing prices, for example.

“want to go to Paris or anywhere in Europe in the next two months with a discount of at least 60% off regular price”. This is the selling scenario. So the company has no bot support, effectiveness is measured by conversion in sales and profits. We also look at the wow-effect.

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