Experience MSQRD: Belarusian application was able to get a million users in one month

Lately you could see in social networks a huge number of videos and photos of masked monkeys, Conchita Wurst, Stalin, with Bunny ears and so on. Due to a strong viral effect during a month, the app for iOS was downloaded more than a million users — despite the fact that we havent spent a dime on paid traffic. In twelve countries MSQRD were in first place among the free apps in the App Store, and in some countries even took place in Trending Searches.

For hashtag in Instagram and the App Store reviews you can see how many positive emotions it brings to the users of our product. I think we have circulated his karma.

Many well-known in the CIS stars have made social media sharing via our app. Basta, Egor Krid, Kristina Si, Alexander Gudkov, Oleg Gazmanov, Gosha Kutsenko, Stas kostushkin, Glyukoza, Victoria Lopyreva, Sergey Stillavin, Paul Mikus, Justin Bieber and others.

We didnt expect such a viral effect, although did everything necessary to get it. We have added the ability to share the result in social networks and messengers, added a watermark with the name of the application that simplified the interface, selected the list of masks and hooked up to the analyst to respond to customer behavior. Also played a role that weve added a few masks, associated with a Christmas theme, but not such trivial as Santa Claus or the snow maiden. The first posts in front of the wave of popularity were made with masks of the monkey (2016 — the year of the monkey according to the Chinese zodiac) and the polar bear.

Now the most popular in the CIS the filter mask of Stalin, so we made it first in the list of masks.

Users have noticed a funny similarity of this mask with Igor Nikolaev. On the second place on popularity — Conchita Wurst.

The third tears. We have received requests for cooperation from international companies of the first magnitude (the messengers and social networks), surprised by the level of technology. They proposed to embed our solutions in their products. Also have demands on branding filter-masks.

The team of Masquerade Technologies, Inc consists of 11 members. This graphic specialists, a specialist in computer vision and machine learning, mobile developers, and a specialist in working with the community. Now we are looking for team iOS and Android developers. Our mission is to make video communication more emotional, add a fan and to fill a niche that in text messages closed with stickers and smileys.

MSQRD the purpose of the app is to demonstrate our technologies. The algorithm of face tracking and the framework of effects. An algorithm of tracking faces is not based on open solutions is the development of our company. Co-founder of Eugene Zatepyakin engaged in computer vision and improves the algorithm since 2010. The tracker works with a mustache, a beard, and even with sunglasses on his face (some users have successfully used it even on cats).

We were able to compress the data model used by tracking, from 120 to 12.4 MB when the loss of quality is only 3-5%. MSQRD works on modern powerful smartphones and outdated — such as the iPhone 4s. Framework effects prepared loses the effects in the editor in real time. Also, we develop an SDK that can be integrated into any mobile app for video chats, live-streaming or the app for processing photos and videos. The team is now actively working on an Android version and new effects for the next international version of the app.

Every new effect is unique in its type and implementation. First of all, we want the filter was interesting, funny and interactive. These three main qualities, due to which people have the desire and the ability to record hilarious videos.

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