Experiment: Advertising Agency Red Keds For Two Years Refused To Festivals, Conferences And Ratings

Second year we conduct an interesting experiment. Wednesday. Agencies are strongly tied to market mechanisms to promote. This festival, the ratings, every conference. While there is no direct evidence that the effort gives a quality result in profit to the Agency.

Hypothesis. The business will not be worse from the fact that the Agency will no longer promote with the help of market instruments, as well as release more time for attention to customers. As a result — improve the quality.

Over the last two years I made, maybe from the power five conferences. And that was because I asked, or it was a necessary condition for barter. If you compare, the sooner I acted, perhaps two or five conferences per month. Plus, it was done by our staff. Thus, the number of interventions from the Agency was somehow going wild.

Two years we do not submit works to festivals. Last time we did this spring in 2014. More we did not submit any work for any festival.

The last two years, we are not involved in the research ratings. We dont fill out surveys, dont hang out on the award, not doing anything, in order to raise our position. By the way, before 2015, we were in the top ten of almost all lists and regularly supplied information about us. A year and a half ago we broke up with a PR Agency managers.

Throughout the year we worked without any releases from our side. That was clear. Briefly, summarily.

In the meantime, we continue our experiment, and it becomes pretty clear that much of industry tools do not affect the earnings of the company. To a greater extent importance is the quality of the projects that come out of the Agency. You also need to recognize that even if the quality of your secondary projects, festivals, ratings, and other means of promotion you add value in the eyes of some customers. But direct conversions and return time costs are still there.

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