Experts Of The Russian Gaming Industry About The Conflict And Wargaming Mail.Ru Group

(Some of the experts wished to remain anonymous — their names have been changed). Let us at once decide — in fact, no war between Mail.Ru Group and Wargaming no. Anyway, if the war entail a planned long-term strategy against the competitor and the protection of its territory. If you dig deeper, at the level of senior management from both companies there is no conflict — everyone wants to be friends (and friends — people moving from one company to another, well and plus in Wargaming, and in Mail.Ru Group many immigrants Nival, preserved friendly relations with each other).

But each time the parties forget about it and begin to believe that another is doing something bad — in the end published another disproportionate response. And the lower levels in the structures of both companies to fall, the more chances to find a really negative attitude to a competitors employees. Some of the recent scandals were definitely provoked this “last mile” — well, can not be no strategy Wargaming in paying players for a change of address it is on another. Knowing, as agreed upon within such campaigns, the solution that you specify in the sample, was taken at the level of ordinary performers.

Those not even thought about how the feedback and conspiracy theories it will cause. About the same for sure and the infamous officer Mail.Ru Group, which is meeting in the state Duma told about the “Cypriot tanks” (for which he was promptly fired) — no one gave him the brief to drown competitor. All this is not to say that there is no real struggle — it is, only goes to another level, and both companies are trying to be silent. The result, for example, is expressed in these news.

One can argue on the topic whether Mail.Ru Group the initiator of the act or not, but from Wargaming all “crystal clear” — Mail.Ru Group lost courts, losing the opportunity not to pay VAT, now pulls all the others, and its main competitor in the first place. And even if it is not, other Wargaming guide to make afraid. And behaves exactly the same Mail.Ru Group in the history with the statement that “we know who is behind the petition to the FAS about advertising Armored Warfare”.

Friends and former colleagues, understand — it-all “prisoners dilemma” and not a “zero sum game” as you probably think. The fact that one of you will win, doesnt mean the other will automatically lose. You do all of mathematics and physics, graduated from the same universities — remember that from the prisoners dilemma there is no rational way out, only cooperation will be beneficial to both. I want to say that civilized competition cant see.

It is obvious that the conventional wisdom Wargaming — “this is our niche and are not necessary to climb there”. Perhaps Wargaming and didnt respond if not a new policy (last 2-3 years) Mail.Ru Group on promotion through the play and the pressure on competitors. Policy, and sufficiently assertive and aggressive — it is all obvious fact.

Further, Mail.Ru Group obviously decided that the niche tanks busy, but even 20% of it is a great story. While World of Tanks is too much defined the style of the genre, as well as Counter Strike 1.6 at the time, and compete with them just advertising budgets is incredibly difficult — almost impossible. In addition there are some setbacks with the game direction, starting with World of Speed. Add an expensive purchase “Vkontakte”, sell HeadHunter for pulling profitability — and understand that the situation is really tense, motivating to search for new niches.

The tanks just become such a niche. Realizing this, Mail.Ru Group began to act quite strategically. The search for an answer to the question “how to make Armored Warface popular” has led to the conclusion that it is necessary to indicate to the user World of Tanks the advantages of “Armata”. Of course, through scandalous advertising reasons — other tools just left, they all dont work.

I understand and support Wargaming in their line of conduct, they are protected in fact, any other company would just be destroyed. Now Wargaming has adopted the proposal for the conflict and responds to it. The answer will be long, and this response will generate a milestone of the Internet in Russia is what, in the good, Mail.Ru Group should be afraid of.

Its not even in the fight against the corrupt officials and lobbyists, its the principles. The Victor Kislyi (Wargaming CEO — approx. Ed.) took up the challenge and will meet, and the most sensitive response is to wring out at Mail.Ru Group its market at the expense of the overflowing audience and product comparisons. Mail.Ru Group will get their way, but in the next couple of years to expect that the audience at the “Armata” will be more than 10% of World of Tanks, I would not. And no matter how “Armata” for better or worse, the main thing — a well-established style and leveled up characters.

In the words of the great scientist and thinker Shifu, “the Struggle of minds comes before the physical fight”. Following this principle, Mail.Ru Group and Wargaming have joined the struggle for the minds of the consumers tank MMO on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries. What conclusions and predictions can be made on the basis of observations of their opposition.

So far Mail.Ru Group attacking and defending Wargaming. Here again want to resort to mind the great and say the words of von Clausewitz. “The defensive form of war is in itself stronger than the offensive. But the defense is a negative thing because it forces to resist the intentions of the enemy instead of developing their own”. Inevitably there will come a time when the expectant-neutral behavior and the use of memes as the official position will be perceived as a weakness not only attacking Mail.Ru Group, but also community and even the Wargaming employees.

With that, obviously — at least the rhetoric of the Mail.Ru Group escalation has reached serious heights. The war will continue, because in a foreseeable future, its members will not appear new fodder (talking about the audience first and foremost). In the war willingly or unwillingly will be involved and not yet exhibiting visible public activity Gaijin. If the reading in an interview with Anton Udintsev — they have long been at war, but this war at the level of industrial espionage and sabotage by unnamed competitors.

Most important, I think, the conclusion that suggests itself when you look at the battleground — at the moment on the market lacks a distinct center of influence, an absolute dominance, if you will. Of course, Wargaming is a leader in financial terms, but from the point of view of political activities they are extremely reserved — do not store any aggressive hunting, they are not visible and charismatic leaders, the company generally maintains a low profile. Mail.Ru Group currently has a weaker position on the products, and also can not boast of bright personalities in the public field, although generally from the perspective of a PR company more aggressive lately.

In this situation, the war is not just for the money, although for them, too. Now is decided who will manage and set the tone in our industry in the coming years. This means the next comparable to World of Tanks hit — in the course of going any means. In principle, this conflict is multifaceted, and developed it a long time.

It is obvious that the ground for it was laid at a time when Mail.Ru Group decided to develop a clone of World of Tanks. The conflict was simply inevitable. The question is how to effectively manage them, pointing in the right direction. The effectiveness of the actions of the parties in the current situation can be evaluated on how they solve their tasks.

It is obvious that the conflict is favourable first of all Mail.Ru Group — the company promotes the project among the fans and players of World of Tanks. Any press coverage is good for the team. Wargaming responds sluggishly mainly because she understands that any response would not work in favor of the company. I think now is the time when companies would agree.

Otherwise bad case. Two leading players on the market have long since gone beyond any gentleman of good manners, though they are role models for the rest of the industry. It is clear that all KPI and P&L, but to behave decently. For me as a spectator from afar, it all looks like — there is a market of several hundred million dollars a year.

There is a real monopoly player that had a monopoly not only because the product was good, but due to the fact that “who first stood up — and sneakers”. Of course, everyone also wants to repeat the success, or “ponadkusyvat”. For Mail.Ru Group in General, it is natural to try to pick up part of the market itself — on the one hand, the home market, with the other Wargaming really the only major player who is to be feared. It is clear, for that fight.

I wonder about the methods. Here from Russia, by the way, is not visible, but here in the U.S. is the presidential election campaign — now techniques one to one. The current conflict is very similar to a typical political campaign in the USA where like everything, when there are no elections, more or less behave reasonably, but how elections can sometimes be full of trash. It comes to absolutely wild antics from the kind of reasonable people.

And this is considered normal. So here about the same — the General economic situation (the market of the CIS has fallen over the past two years is very much in dollar terms), the size of the “prize” — the stakes are quite high for both players. Therefore, the methods are also becoming less clear by.

How all this is necessary, effective, etc. — here I can not judge at all, both participants is a billion dollar company, they rate a few from another galaxy than ours. Market Cap at Mail.Ru Group for about $4.7 billion, I think that Wargaming really, half of the Mail.Ru Group, i.e., the size of them is comparable, but the CIS market for Wargaming — its probably even more than half the entire value of the company. About the games themselves got me the idea that this is an iterative process — if World of Tanks was conditional version 1.0, Armored Warfare took the best of World of Tanks and added something of their own — becoming, provisionally, version 1.5. Now Wargaming, likely to produce modern tanks, taking part of the design of Armored Warfare and adding something there my — get version 2.0.

The main problem in all long-running online games for core players theres a project they are not willing to move every two years with a new game, they have so much effort invested in one product that trying to even clearly the best project — zero. And here is interesting by itself, Armored Warfare is not so much a competitor to World of Tanks. Yes, there is a part of the audience, tired from the tanks of the second world, which happily moved in Armored Warfare. There are new players that World of Tanks was not interesting because of the setting.

But I think the main fight is just behind the time — will Armored Warfare to gain a foothold in the market until you arrive “modern tanks” from Wargaming. For Wargaming, it would be interesting to avoid this, and to Mail.Ru Group — on the contrary, it would be interesting if by the time this happens, they had a big chunk of the market. Its a fight for the future. Not present.

I think this is more politics than Economics. Both parties favorable to the growth of the citation project. In politics there are no bad methods, and there is no loss — there is an endless process successful or not PR reasons. No consequences until you connect personally to the Supreme commander, which is unlikely.

Both products are decent, but niche has created a Wargaming and this fact for life on her side.

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