Feeby — service billing on behalf of a legal entity

Hi. My name is Andrew, Im 30 and this is my first startup. September 8, I and three friends launched the service Feeby that allows you to issue invoices on behalf of the legal entity.

The circumstances so happened that, in spite of the physico-technical education, I became a designer. Thats why I encountered the problem when clients are asked to make payment for my work officially by Bank transfer with invoice and closing documents. At first I tried to open my IE and do business officially, but the bureaucracy was stronger than me. I kept forgetting to file returns, pay taxes, fees, lost acts of the customers, making mistakes and typos in contracts.

This was one of the prerequisites of our service. We decided to make life easier for myself and other designers-freelancers and did a service through which your client may not even guess that you are a freelancer, as he enters into a contract with the legal person and pays the bill. We, of course, like any normal person, I want money and fame, but at the initial stage, decided to abandon the third-party investment and start the service yourself.

While we invest only their time, strength and soul, not counting minor organizational expenses. My friends live in Petrozavodsk, and Im in Yekaterinburg. Each took on the responsibility for the soul. The results are not yet available, due to the nature of the service, but we are optimistic projected success.

In the Russian legislation there are big costs, but we are in search of a particular economic environment that will allow us to make the service even more attractive to users. In the near future we want to release the app for iOS, to bill you in a single click while surfing in Sri Lanka. Return the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup.

Welcome to the tribune.

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