Fetchee service, which monitors the prices in online stores and recommends that the time to buy

Hi, vc.ru. My name is Alexander, I am 31 years old. Experience in the field of Internet projects — about 11 years. Mainly led the development of bespoke applications and consulted on marketing to the CIS and Scandinavia. Were and their startups in Ad Tech, one grew into a full-fledged business.

At the beginning of 2015 we began to think about the idea of an application that could be quickly developed, with its clear and working model of monetization and, most importantly,so that users could immediately understand its value and start using. So there was Fetchee — single free wish list, which monitors the prices for goods in online stores. If you ever searched for the right product in the store or trying to decide on the best seller, used to open a text file, throw the URL in there favourite goods, add links to bookmarks or just to keep dozens of tabs open in your browser.

Weve done that, and it was hell. I wanted simple storage solutions trademark bookmarks. Something like Pocket, but for online stores, and to watch over the price and be notified when it drops.

During the development and running of applications with early adopters, we kept running into problems like locks from shops and the inability to obtain data about the product (especially this sin of Western shops, not vykazuje particular respect for standards and technology). It was not easy, but we managed, along the way developing the application for browser that is able. Notice of the reduction and the increase in the price Fetchee sends to email. This here targeted personalized email marketing.

The app works with all Internet-shops of Russia, the USA, Europe and China. Users add to the wish list items from the stores, starting with Amazon, to METRO (Yes, the same product) and the application they obviously like. We are valued and we are pleased.

With us 1087 users, a third of which are active (MAU 31,5%). We send an average of 600 a email with price reduction per day, which are open to 48% of recipients, of which 25,3% clicking links to the stores. Until we invest ourselves in Fetchee. Now the team has three people in addition to the four co.

Currently we are looking for suitable and not too greedy accelerator in Northern Europe, with portfolio in niches of Ad-Tech, Fashion, Mobile and Social Commerce. After checking all the hypotheses and the mechanic to attract users in Russia, lets go to the first round of investment to output in England, Germany, France and Italy. To the US we plan to get after the second round. Fetchee already working.

Try, criticize, advise, and most importantly, use with pleasure and save. Users are pampered with a kind word, and we discount. P. S.

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Returned the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup. Welcome to the tribune.

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