Fights Without Rules In The Teaser Networks

On the market a dozen important teaser networks, four of them quite large. We conducted a study in early 2016 (January to March) and found that in fact the leaders of the two companies, which share a lions share of the market. One of them is VisitWeb. And for every baby, not that piece of cake thats a small market ignite serious war.

In this market there are three sides. A webmaster who places the adaptive blocks of teasers on the website, teaser network, which creates the tools and the blocks, buy the traffic from webmasters and advertisers that the network buy traffic, choosing the most clickable ads. Our function is to create the necessary infrastructure and tools to become a mediator and a kind of exchange between the advertiser and the webmaster. We buy the traffic from webmasters, take a Commission and sell it to advertisers.

We create tools that allow advertisers to accurately choose your audience. For example, what platform, browser, mobile operators, gender, age — lots of different settings. Each allows you to isolate exactly your customer. The goal of the exchanges is to create the most convenient conditions for the targeting customer.

The fact that the advertiser gets exactly the right people, giving wages to the webmaster. Well, earnings teaser network depends on whether or not I want web masters to work with it. In Russia there is a definite belief. The market trailer is a solid porn traffic cheap and low-quality consumer goods.

There might be some truth to it, but not so badly. Of course, a large Bank or manufacturer of luxury cars is unlikely to be a teaser. Such purchases or such a choice does not occur spontaneously, because the user just need to show the brand. Therefore, for such purposes is more likely to choose banners.

The trailers first mass goods and services, something inexpensive that people can buy immediately online. To get card to pay, or to instantly order a. So there is more information products, infocoral. They work or not — we can not verify, it depends on the integrity of the advertiser. The fact that reputation information products murdered and the market now so its not our fault, it happened, its just a fact that we work with.

Also very popular teasers all seasonal products that are in trend. If they cheat, promise more than is actually. Also different. We cannot test whether one or the other BAD or face mask. Teaser network is simply a reflection of the fact that there are in society, and in the advertising market both online and offline.

Now, for example, high season, all sorts of small gadgets, toys, cosmetics, jewelry and small Souvenirs fly in minutes. So matte lipstick, blankets with sleeves, and the designers of Velcro everywhere, including in the teaser networks. The main monetization comes from mobile, not from desktop traffic. Traffic big three mobile operators the most expensive. Teasers well sell any subscriptions.

Games, cartoons, courses,apps, video, adult. The latter is not main products, and only one of. We instrument, we do not shape the market of goods and services. If the quality rises, the market evolyutsioniruet — it will also appear in the teaser networks will be more interesting, effective and honest products and services.

Its not near term, I think the situation will change significantly, not earlier than years through five. The advertiser comes as an honest, decent and decent, we check the links, all works correctly. After some time, despite the fact that the link is not changed, the user clicks on the advertisement and his laptop is locked, and further it requires to send money for unlocking. This is the main enemy of all teaser networks — the so-called localwiki, distributors blockers browser.

It is a criminal offence, lakersthe should work departments of cybersecurity. To search for and punish cheaters. Usually almost one hundred percent of cases, these scammers are sitting somewhere in a grey area, so our divisions locations to get to them is difficult, long and uninteresting. For example, in the U.S., find, and quite effectively.

We have to get to the Department “K” is very difficult, in most cases, when we called, the police and other authorities do not even understand what its about. It only remains for us to clean the ranks and block. We introduced a tightened system of multiple moderation. We check the pair, and manually, but links to hundreds of thousands, to keep track of each — it is impossible. This kind of problem cannot solve even a giant like “Yandex”.

Golden bullets, both of them entirely, no. The business is highly profitable, because they invest money in traffic, get conversions and income hundreds of times more investment. Besides the scams, there are companies that are struggling with their help for webmasters. Such a scams consistently and regularly “fill in” these lockers competitors. Sometimes comes to the ridiculous.

The man himself “fills” the lockers in the purchased on the black market accounts, and then deliberately their “catches”. See how bad you work, and what I have done. In our branch in is a permanent member who sits for us only and nowhere else, and only writes about what he again and again finds new lockers. Generally, lockers are not easy to find, and our security system is working to catch them. Either hes a genius, and then there was a reason we offered him to work for us, or he “finds” what he hid.

These attempts to discredit teaser networks occur regularly. We are trying to be proactive so that our webmasters can feel safe and not was flight. But theres always race. Localwiki improve the attack, we are protected.

Attempts to discourage VisitWeb advertisers and webmasters go last year and a half, then fading, then resumed. But this fall became just the peak. Cost to declare entry into the company of investors, including well-known deal with arbitrage Alexander Riddick, as the attack became daily. Broke our accounts in social networks, came the requirement to endorse a specific lockers, within two months there were frequent DDoS-attacks of the site.

This is a very simple strategy. It is important not because our websites and instant messengers to “put,” and to say webmasters. Look, they are unsafe, withdraw money, close the account and go to another network. First they fill up the lockers, then write in all forums in all the messengers and the comments that they were blocked and not give my money back (most often, in reality, there are small amounts in the range of 100-300 rubles). The calculation is such that webmasters will read and will cease to work with us.

DDoS attacks are expensive and the reason is obvious. We entered into a strategic partnership that will provide synergistic effect and will allow us to significantly increase our market share. Obviously, some of the competitors is frightened, he or they decided to sabotage our work. We have exchange, which sells traffic from investors — a company that buys the traffic.

Working together, we could significantly improve the efficiency of several companies at once. This perspective someone did not like it, and we decided to attack on all fronts with redoubled force. We are on the path of technology development and strengthen its position without the dirty methods of competition. Because we understand.

If webmasters block, it spoils the overall market. People usually do not work with one network, with several at once, and it turns out that people flood them with lockers, cut the branch on which you sit. This year we finish with a noticeable decrease in teaser formats. But they are not going to quit and just give competitors. Although, of course, the conclusions made and the loss will compensate.

Do new formats like video, pre – and postroll, and exit into foreign markets. Will be responsible for it just Riddick. Now it is difficult to predict how we will grow in 2017, now there is a massive technical integration. But after the New year, I think we will be able to announce new lines of business that we have, plus, a new format, which will be implemented in January-February, the first quarter of 2017.

I think advertisers and web masters will see the effect on their financial indicators in the first place. Teasers probably degraded, but not very clear how quickly this will happen. If you look at the world teaser the market is stagnating. On the Russian market that the instrument is in full force, must change, the advertiser. Need to rebuild arbitrazhnyi, which are very often deceived users by promising promotions, bonuses.

Must be reconstructed advertisers, promising a product with something extra and free, but not to send anything at all. Accordingly, in the next two to three years required for regeneration of the market. Russia must understand that to work long term much more effective than a one time cheating to get money. And never to this client ever.

To give a timeframe for how quickly this markets gonna die hard. Here, this format is very well accustomed. Traffic conversion significantly dropped compared to the period five years ago, when these markets only grew. Also, the reduced activity is due to the General economic situation in our country.

Purchasing power dropped significantly. We VisitWeb go to other solutions in addition to the teaser of the formats in the banner in the video — there definitely needs to be a diversification of the markets. Market teasers, networks and advertisers, as such there is and so actively live in Russia and the CIS. In the world at that time already dominated the banners plus various other ad formats. The repartition of the market has already begun a couple of years, I think we will see a very different picture.

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