FinanceMarker Service For Financial Evaluation Of Public Companies

Today in the category of “Startups” — service FinanceMaker, allowing investors to quickly conduct financial evaluation of public companies. Pass the microphone. My name is Roman Koblenz, I am 26 years old.

More than three years I have been doing startups, but this work never turns into something serious and so interesting. The scope of my project, FINTECH, one of the most rapidly developing topics for startups. I work alone. Helps the job of a programmer that allows you to enter the industry, having only the laptop.

At certain stages I was attracted to the project of friends and freelancers, but now 100% of work performed independently. The project is called FinanceMarker, the launch took place on 1 September 2016 after four months of development. If you try to describe briefly. This is a service that allows in a simple and convenient way to conduct financial evaluation of public companies.

FinanceMarker is designed to help investors find companies whose shares currently undervalued by the market and those that are traded below their real value, and therefore, less prone to risks and have the greatest growth potential. The global idea of the service is based on the phrase legendary investor, Warren Buffetts teacher and guru of fundamental analysis — Benjamin Graham.

“The only investment strategy that can provide you the relative security of the investment along with return, exceeding the returns of the market, based on assessment of the real value of the shares of the company.”. Based FinanceMarker are multipliers — derivative financial indicators reflecting the state of Affairs of the company. In simple terms, we review all financial reports of the companies and on the basis of financial indicators (profit, revenue), the data of the balance sheet (debt, assets, cash) and market data (share price, market capitalization) calculated multipliers, which provide customers.

The main tool of analysis is a table in the tab “Finance” with the calculated multiples for all companies: To learn how to use the table, you dont even need to know what multipliers or what is the difference between stocks from bonds. All figures in the table are displayed by color. The red color suggests that the measure exceeds the norm and is located in a high risk area (overbought and is trading more expensive than its real value), green, by contrast, suggests that the increased in the favorable zone (undervalued).

Without isolation of the neutral zone. There is a convenient button “to find undervalued stocks”, with which you can filter out all companies and leave only those whose shares are undervalued, according to the multipliers and pridnestrovem filters. In addition to the current values for each of the companys available historical data and the dynamics of their changes.

The second main control unit on the page “Finance” filters. Using filters you can manage the table, fully defining its appearance. In addition, here is a brief explanation to each indicator. On the page “Finance” is a primary selection and fundamental analysis of companies.

Away from the table action, the user can continue the analysis on the page “Graphics”. Here the user can quickly step through each selected company, to see her growth chart, news and profile master data. You can also specify the price of the desired purchase and the expected growth of the stock. The result of the work with the page “Charts” is the final list of the selected companies.

The last step of the analysis — go to the page “Portfolio”. The purpose of the page “Portfolio” to distribute the funds between the selected companies and save the analysis results in the form of a portfolio. Further, based on the portfolio can be made direct purchase of shares (the plans to make this possible online straight from the pages of the service).

A study of more than 250 companies, identifying undervalued stocks and the portfolio using the service will take you from 5 to 40 minutes. But most importantly, this is not a time savings, the main thing is confidence in your decision to buy certain stock. FinanceMarker allows you to make your own, educated, fundamentally justified, and, therefore, profitable trading decisions.

And finally, perhaps the biggest benefit is that it was created by a private investor for private investors. I trade in the stock market over three years and now I use FinanceMarker to analyze all their transactions. This means that the full functionality of the service reflects the needs that I have experienced and which I did not get when trading shares.

The product is offered on a freemium model. That is, access to the service is open to everyone, however the free version functionality is very limited, while in the paid version, the user gets all the features. The customer can buy a month or year subscription. Among other projects offered such services, the monthly subscription price of the nearest competitor four times higher than our prices.

Opportunities for the development of the project very much, all of them can be divided into two groups. Technical features:

Functionality recommendations. The functionality of the card markets. Online purchase of shares. Interactive graphs.

Data: Foreign markets (America, Europe). Service localization. With regard to investment.

Now the project develops without borrowed capital. The development of the project I do in my spare time. What I really need is the extension of custom audiences. If you have any ideas or suggestions on cooperation, willing to consider any interesting options. I would also like to get into the accelerator, as for serious growth in the project I need help and team.

Can send your suggestions to [email protected] Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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