First impressions: How to present your project partners, investors, journalists

Imagine. I am a publisher, investor, journalist, someone important. We stand in the Elevator. I ask you, what are you working on. Be ready to answer it — quickly, clearly and interestingly.

“This is a multiplayer 2D platformer that plays like Mario Kart”. I immediately ask if it works online, and if so, will begin a deeper discussion. And she would make something like SpeedRunners.

But if you say that this is a Survival Game With Zombies — I nod my head and go to your next appointment. The secret of this kind of pitches to make the same pitch could then be used for all game descriptions. Youtube-bloggers in their video, the streamers on their Twitch stream, fans in the description of the games to each other.

The example of Party Hard in the form of a dialogue. — Have you ever had loud neighbors. — (Surprised.) Yes. — Have you ever wanted to slaughter them all.

(Not expecting an answer.) This Party Hard. This pitch we have developed very early, and he works on all. “Mathematical puzzle about friendship.. and cutting a sheep in half by lasers” — pitch for Divide By Sheep.

Journalists need interesting clue. Fans need to understand what will play. Youtube-bloggers need to quickly describe the game to my viewers. Practice this pitch in front of a mirror.

Ask other people feedback. We are game developers — mostly not create social. To overcome this fear of talking to other people is a very important skill, because then you will be able to accept feedback about their game more objectively, and it will make the game better.

Suppose I am interested. Again, no matter who I. Show me good pictures. It should be nice and juicy. When it comes to the pitch in an email, paste sifco beautiful right in the line of the letter.

“But the schedule is not final and we will add them later” is not working anymore. The rising generation of gamers is a big problem with attention deficit. They grow in hyperinformation a world where its always something.

Do something visually catchy. And dont think to write short, clear letter — its rude. Vice versa. Clearly and concisely — save my and your time. Nobody reads canvases text.

The main thing — to understand that everyones time is limited. So in seconds you need to impress — it will help you to reach of publishers, journalists and other. If they are interested, and user-fans will be easy to obtain.

Be sure when sending email include a “naked” link on Youtube. Dont need to use Dropbox, the links redirect. In the video, use the juicy previews — most email clients display it directly in email. Dont need to dive into the depths of history.

And in any case do not write long letters. Those who read them — dont respect their time, or they simply have nothing to do. With people like that still work will be useless for the reasons I explained above. Using your skill “Elevator pitch”, write a description that will be clear, short.

Notice how I am writing this article. Small suggestions. Forget about literary lessons with participial turnovers. This article is easy to read, because I try not to use complex sentences that are easy to scan, as if to do complicated sentence structure where the message is hidden and wrapped in another message, it becomes impossible to read and store them in short-term memory, and your user is just going to score on the reading text. Dont need to do what I did last sentence.

Better do so. “The multiplayer game about shooting fish. Built in Unity, Photon is used for the network. Platform — PC, works well with the controller.

The link to the trailer (Youtube, you can do unlisted). Need help in marketing, testing, financing”. If funding is say just volume. No unnecessary formalities.

If I like it, including sifco and trailer that I will spend 10-15 seconds, then we will look in more detail. Lets play build. And in the end phoned. “What is important” thinks now some of the readers.

Modern culture email is evolving, and how the players attention. If in 10-15 seconds, I get hooked, then it is likely it will happen with your audience. If you need financing please tell us, where will it go. If this is not the first game, share links to other.

This will help. It is important to see that you are able to release the game, to bring the project to completion. Make builds with a vertical slice of gameplay. Something that shows why the game is fun.

Think of it in the form of showcase. Put 50 games in a row. The user passes by all, and chooses what to play. It should be easy to sit down and understand what is happening and be impressed from watching gameplay of other users.

All pass, their catchy visual part is created by the crowd, they all want to play your game. Here the same principle. Make a demo version which gives you idea. Everyone in our office will sit around on my monitor, and will throw ideas about how this toy can promote.

Better yet, before you share the demo, go to any local showcase. Any bunch of gamers. If there is no money on the table — improvise.

Our very first showcase game SpeedRunners looked so. My colleague Luc Burtis, the growth of 1.90 meters, went with a laptop on the neck and four controllers. We “bummed” at Indie Megabooth and suddenly the crowds started to play. Then came the Youtube bloggers.

Then press. After a few days the game exploded. Perfect show build.

Let such a juicy, straightforward build of publishers and well squeak, thinking about how it would be cool to work on the showcases. Little known fact — the agreement on the toy Party Hard we signed on a napkin. Right on the showcase. We saw how cool the game will work on the show, and how we can add value with his antics on any PAX, Gamescom, EGX.

Making this build, upload it to Dropbox (do not use other services and FTP) – we often stay in hotels with poor Internet and CDN Dropbox does a good job syncing and resume files. There were already publications and videos. Well.

Share links to a video of Youtube bloggers play in your project. It helps a lot. If there were press stories — share the quotes and links. I cant stand crowds.

I cant stand in line. It is difficult to talk to new people. What will they think of me. What if everybody thinks Im stupid. Wrap yourself in.

Weve all been there. If you are the type of DevGAMM, just walk up and say Hello. All there to communicate. The best advice regarding personal meetings — make as many mistakes as you begin to turn out.

Just iPad or smartphone on which either a working demo, or video, about which we spoke above. Come on people, show, ask, what do you think. People would be happy to “jump” to such activity and to brainstorm. If this creates a crowd — you already know the potential.

I was at an event where for the first time the developer of Monument Valley showed their game. No one knew. There were 250 people, it was a networking Indie Megabooth. He just came up to all, showing the trailer, asked to wear headphones.

Suddenly there one of the account managers from Apple noticed him. The rest is history. Before a long conference or showcase make sure you have your.

No one wants to talk with smelling person who is unable to communicate clearly. But most importantly, be recognizable. How can I describe in the crowd. “I got one guy showed a cool game, there he is in a fur cap”.

We wear ridiculous orange hat and hang up their badges at the glowing laces on the neck. In any light we can see. Looks like a circus. But it works — we are always seen at any event.

The last and probably the most important advice for any personal communication in the gaming industry — train to speak loud and clear. If you still hear and understand your message will go further. I have all my life had a problem that I spoke quietly. Ask your friends, all you hear in a bar setting.

If not, go stand in front of a mirror and practice talking loud, clear, short sentences. Dont forget, the industry of game development is the entertainment industry. We are all here because we like it. The community of game developers, perhaps the most friendly and warm.


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