Football players Messi, Morgan and Aguero starred in advertising games FIFA 16 under the slogan “Play nicely”

The video shows a vigorous game in several locations — on the TV screen, joysticks and courtyard. The ball quickly moved from the Studio to the stadium, then on the field in the courtyard, appears on the TV screen, in the underpass, Studio Asian TV shows, flies in the window of the apartment, comes back to the stadium and makes the winning goal. In the text of the amended version of the Aria Figaro it comes to the beautiful game of football. Campaign implemented by the Agency Weiden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

His copywriter Evgeny Primachenko spoke about the idea of the roller and the process of filming. As you approached the concept selection. What was the main task of the client-side. What is needed to do the accents.

Football is the most beautiful game on the planet. FIFA 16 gives gamers the opportunity to experience the beauty of the sport completely. Every second, every moment in the game — a chance to create a football masterpiece. All the key innovations in the gameplay (such as, for example dribbling without touch) directed on it.

So we decided to literally sing an ode to the most beautiful of all sports. And thus to make it like not boring and not intellectual. In the end, FIFA is a game, and most importantly it is the fan.

Why did you decide to base it is Figaros Aria. Because shes incredibly beautiful, ironic and quick. The perfect combination for our movie, which is basically an action Comedy. We took it, and I wrote new lyrics dedicated to football.

Then we invited the Dutch Symphony orchestra, choir, Opera singer vibe Pierre Cnossen (Wiebe Pier Cnossen) — so was born our soundtrack. In the video featured different elements. And the game on the field, and computer mechanics, and clips Asian show. What is the reason for such diversity.

FIFA, like football, is a cultural phenomenon. This game is chopped whole planet. So I to a sense of globality was in the advertising. By the way, the guy from Japan (44 seconds) — Kotaro Tokuda (Kotaro Takuda), world champion in freestyle football.

Absolutely incredible dude. It while we were filming, such feints showed that Aguero and Pele jaw dropped. What was important in creating the project. Its probably very responsible and exciting — to work on the movie, which removed the giants football.

I am a great fan of FIFA. Been playing it since 1999. It was important to convey a sense of fun to play and beautiful to enter gameplay footage. This, incidentally, is a separate point.

The only way to record them is to play the game. It is impossible to program anything. Therefore, the process was not simple. About giants football.

Of course its nice to shoot a project with Messi, Aguero, Morgan, Kobe and Pele. All was working well. Well, to meet Pele on the path of life is, of course, a special feeling. Tell us how they behaved on the set.

It was easy to work with them. Maybe you are surprised. To work with the stars is always quite difficult — mainly due to the fact that they have not much time, so it is necessary to remove quickly. Dont have the luxury of some additional duplicates, you need to do everything exactly according to plan.

But we are used to — not the first year, as they say, married. Yes, and our Directors of the company Traktor took off for a bunch of career videos. They worked with Madonna and Fatboy Slim, for example. The players are all different, but they all people.

Pele made a strong impression. He is very attentive and pleasant. Didnt leave a single man at the Playground unattended. One of the extras was from Brazil, and after the shooting took a photo with Pele. Then burst into tears, hugged the legend and said to him.

“Ive been waiting for this my whole life”.


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