“For Many Years Google Has Invested In Machine Learning And Finally Waited For His Moment”

“Sundar Pichai holds a meeting with five Google employees in the negotiation near his office. It is the members of the team Google Photo, they are gathered here to represent Pichai then worked for several months, writes the author of the article on Fast Company. Only the meeting starts Pichai throws developers questions about artificial intelligence, the feasibility of integrating Google Photo and Google Drive and the importance of creating an emotional connection with the user. Command shows the head of a draft a promotional video, and he exhales. “This is amazing!””.

Journalist Fast Company believes that Google Pichai feels in his element. Hes trying to rebuild the company. To increase employee productivity and make a “more harmonious” atmosphere in the team. “Nothing would make me happier. Here I sit together with the employees and see what they could do.

What to say about this users. Im always looking for ways to do even more.”. Management of the company Pichai took over at a pivotal moment for Google, says the publication. In August 2015, the Corporation announced the restructuring of services and projects were identified as individual companies and merged into a single holding — Alphabet. On Pichai laid the responsibility for the development of Google search, Gmail, YouTube, Android and mobile lines.

Pichai has reorganized the business, hired new talent, suggested that more experienced employees to try new things. The results, says the author of the article on Fast Company, was not long in coming. In the fall of 2016, the team introduced two major updates. It announced Google Cloud service designed for business customers, as well as a range of physical devices — the new Google Pixel, a virtual reality helmet Google Daydream, personal assistant Google Home and so on.

“Such a large number of updates may indicate that Pichai has not yet chosen a major area for which he will fight. But in fact the General Director of Google are mostly concerned with the realm of artificial intelligence — he believes that the domination of the AI moves the world. Smartphones Pixel with its own voice assistant and Google Home — competitors Apples Siri and Alexa from Amazon.”. According to senior Vice-President, research and technology machine learning of John Giannandrea, the team sees the voice assistant as the next stage in the development of Google search. “In a sense, this add-on on top of of the search.

If you enter a search query of “get me a pizza”, nothing happens. Our goal is to make it so that you still get the pizza. Thats where were going”. Google competes with almost every Apple — Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft but in different areas. Each of them have their own experience in the field of artificial intelligence.

However, at Google, writes Fast Company, more experience in teaching machines to recognize images, speech, and so on. “We have been investing in machine learning is and finally waited for his moment,” says Pichai. Google CEO believes that developments in artificial intelligence can significantly propel a company forward. “Larry page always says that we need to think big. There are some healthy disregard for the restrictions, but he always cares about how to use technology for the benefit of the people, and reminds us of the tremendous responsibility that rests on all of us — to make the world better.”.

Google employees note that the management style Pichai is very different from the style of management Larry page. The former head of Google and now CEO of Google, writes Fast Company, is known for the fact that he always set high expectations — so much so that meeting him was not only inspired, but frightened workers. Discussing Pichai, his subordinates say high empathy, humor and the desire to encourage collaboration inside the company. “Hes a good guy who cares about others, and who managed to get into the management of the company. We are very proud of,” says one longtime subordinates Pichai.

A veteran of Google and Director of business development division Philip Schindler describes Pichai as an intelligent and thoughtful leader. “He is able to see the world through the eyes of others and can change the angle of view. Not many people in our world are capable of it.”. Pichai himself said that his really care what the command is and what benefits it can bring to customers.

“Do I care what thoughts we are bringing to users. Matter what our goals. I spend a lot of meetings with clients and try each to bring an understanding of how they see us”. Career Pichai in Google often called rapid, although in reality, says Fast Company, he held in the Corporation for 11 years. The company, he came on the recommendation of former colleagues at the consulting firm McKinsey nick Fox — he talked about it to his boss Susan Wolitski how about the person who is hiring Google.

“At that time Google was just another company, and we discussed whether Sundar to accept the offer. Now it seems funny. Google was on the verge of IPO, and not to accept it was madness,” recalls another former colleague Pichai. Google Pichai from the first day has earned a reputation as passionate about their projects Manager. Employees are given more complex tasks, and he persistently worked on them.

One of the most striking examples, I believe colleagues of the General Director of Google — his work on the Chrome browser. When Google began developing a browser in 2006, 80% of the market owned by Microsoft and its Internet Explorer. But that didnt stop Chrome — the more, the easier the project has won market share from Explorer. “Sundar asked what new development will surpass Internet Explorer. He just offered to create a better browser”.

One of the important advantages of working at Google, Pichai remains at 20 percent, says Fast Company. For example, a virtual reality helmet Google Daydream was created by the staff without the permission of the management in the framework of this initiative. “It seems that Google remains the same — a creative company that encourages innovation. But in fact, when Pichai she became more disciplined and, if anything, thoughtful”, — writes the edition. At our scale, it is very important to be able to focus.

You need to have a clear idea of what the companys goals and move in that direction. Google had previously advocated cooperation between the units, notes Fast Company, but the development of all products is still carried out separately. But now, says Pichai, all the teams must unite towards a common goal of artificial intelligence technologies. This is true for all levels — from development teams to senior management of the company. According to colleagues of Pichai, he wants to make cooperation the main value and the main principle of his leadership.

All the top leadership of Google now constantly holds workshops and exchanges of emails. “We have a clear understanding of what we do, why we do it and what we are trying to achieve,” says one of the executives of Google. To keep the situation under control and be sure that all devices released by Google, ready for the era of artificial intelligence, Pichai joined all the hardware destinations in one group. Manages the groups former Executive Director division of Motorola.

Google guide notice that the team was most concerned about not competing with other tech giants like Amazon released its personal assistant much earlier and to compete with her only due to the prestige does not succeed, the company needs to do something that will have real value to users and what they want to own at home. The team emphasizes that Google latest generation “has absorbed all the best that the company can offer”. Google has concentrated in his hands and hardware production — the government wants to control it from beginning to end to ensure that all possible technologies Corporation are used in the best way. This is something that has always been guided by Apple — you cannot create the best experience if you dont control any parts of production. You need to pay attention to the hardware and the software part.

Another novelty from Google messenger Allo. And in it, the company is betting on artificial intelligence. Allo is built in the same personal assistant from the Corporation and implemented the tips when composing a message, suggestions which are based on machine learning algorithms. In the opinion of management Google, the possibility to quickly give meaningful answers to messages, almost without typing text, but only choosing the right options among the tips that can bring out the messenger in the leading position.

Yet, writes Fast Company, the application was not too impressed the press but it is “only a draft” that could make an instant messenger based on artificial intelligence algorithms. All employees Pichai teaches to watch for the future — to think about what will become of the product in 5-10 years. “He often talks in terms of 10 year cycles. He thinks about the bigger picture and not just what is happening today.”. The important point that mentions Fast Company, will the new technology bring to the Corporation money.

“Pichai adheres to the same strategy that Larry page and Sergey Brin at the start of his career. First, to develop a breakthrough technology and introduce it, and then monetize”. I always thought that if you solve really important problems, the funds will come as part of the equation. “If all the people in the company working for one goal, it becomes many times stronger. The reverse is also true — if between the teams there is no agreement, the organization is weakening.

Our goal is to affect the lives of billions of users,” concludes the CEO of Google.

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