“For The Employer, "Ill Do Anything" Means "I Have Everything To Teach Him"

To make a career, conventional wisdom recommends to unlearn in school, then get a University degree, send resume, get a job and move up the internal hierarchy due to their talents. But I often find in the other network recommendations. The authors tell young job seekers that the best way to get into the company of your dreams is to ask her supervisor to work for free. Many successful people including the founder of a network of wine supermarkets Wine Library Gary Vaynerchuk, author of books about personal Finance Ramita Network and motivator Charlie Owen believe that an unpaid internship is an investment in future career.

I used to think so too. In the end, thats how I became a writer and Director of marketing at American Apparel in their twenties. But now, when Im flooded with letters, young boys and girls, offering to take any job under me, I come to the conclusion that this is a bad strategy. With the same success it is possible to blindly publish a resume and waiting when you call.

I say this not because he got lucky and is now trying to stop to catch it to others. Its about the fact that you were given incomplete information. With its help, you will not be able to get what you want. This is because this approach ignores the objective reality of market relations.

Applicants think that employers are deterred by the need to pay salary. In fact, the managers refuse to hire because they can do without new employees. The need to pay salaries very rarely is a deterrent to business and successful people.

In most cases, they dont want to pay for the fees and risks associated with the emergence of the new team man. That is why many of the letters I sent to your 19, and remained without the answer. I didnt know but now I understand that in assessing the applicants employer reflects, inspires the trust, does he have enough skills, how long will his training and what will be the price of chance”. This was written by economist Tyler Cowen book “Average is Over”.

“Some workers are not worth what they force. New employees are only needed when the increasing volume of tasks.”. I realized this when I was a sophomore. At the time I wanted to become a professional writer. I sent a lot of emails asking about the free training, but if they got the answer, only negative.

Then I decided to change the strategy. I liked blogger and author Tucker Max. I contacted him and we struck up a correspondence. My attention was drawn to his website — there was still a lot of unsold advertising space.

I had an idea how to use them, and I encouraged him to take this job on yourself. He gave me a chance. Then the chance turned into a permanent job that became a career writer and entrepreneur. He later told me that if I began to impose, that is, to force him to come up with my work, he would ignore this letter.

In the first message, I passed the main test — he realized that I am an adequate person, not an idiot, and that I can trust the work. All I had to offer a solution to their problems. But even when I got this job, I still do not fully understand how I did it. I almost repeated his error, when at one event met the author of the book “48 laws of power by Robert Greene. During lunch he mentioned that he needs an assistant.

Then I begged him to take again offered to work for free even. And he replied, “just so” it no work, but agreed to give me a test task and asked to decipher several interviews. I realize now how lucky I was both times.

The main lesson that can be learned from my experience is not to offer people a free job, and search the area where you can provide valuable assistance — that is, to be useful not in a General sense and through specific tasks and ask for a trial job. Most entrepreneurs consider themselves busy people. But they no one will hire as long as the number of tasks crosses a critical. Because the search of the candidate — this is an additional burden.

Selection, interview, appointment, training — it often costs much more than non-problem. In addition, for a small company it additional risks. When someone says “Ill do anything,” the employer hears “You have everything to teach me”. This is the root cause of failures.

For the employer, this solution is always more expensive than you think. Conversely, when a member of the Board of Directors of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg announced the opening of a free training in your organization, Lean In, she didnt try to save nine dollars an hour. She wanted to reduce the cost of adaptation of these employees in the future.

It resonates with my own experience. When Robert green was looking for an assistant, he wondered how much time hell need to spend it training. So he took the time to invest in me and first gave me a test job. Paying $100 dollars for the transcript of the interview, he killed two birds with one stone.

First, he assessed what kind of man I am, and how to cope with the work. Secondly, it will save time in the future, because the answers to most of the business questions I could find on their own, deciphering records. And again — this is a test of my abilities. When you understand the needs of your potential employer, it will be easier to find him approach.

For example, if you know how to mount the video and see that a project begins to experiment with the format, offer assistance. If you want to work for a great leader, ask him to cook in the morning collection of the latest news. If you want to work with the author of the influential podcast will offer him interesting guests — on the one hand, you will facilitate his work, and the other will be able to know how match your vision program. Its like a date.

No one will agree on a three-day journey across the country on the first date. But to drink a Cup of coffee or go to dinner, for sure. After all, it is not binding. If you want to work for free for the employer it is not good. It doesnt make sense.

Another thing, if you show that your skills can solve his problems and you are ready to demonstrate this for free. In this case, the chances of getting a dream job will be higher.

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