For The Weekend: 5 Documentaries About Snowden, Buffett, Google Books, Linux And Startup GovWorks

Edition gathered collection of five documentaries about entrepreneurs, companies and events in the industry. HBO documentary about the largest and most well-known American investor, whose fortune is estimated at $76 billion. The film tells the story of an entrepreneur, it solutions, business and philanthropy.

A documentary about Google Books — the project of the company for scanning books. Despite the fact that the service is going to create the worlds largest online library of knowledge, he has many opponents, that said, the authors of the paintings. The film is about how the world learned about the largest illegal covert surveillance program that the NSA conducts in collaboration with other intelligence agencies worldwide.

The film tells the story of the hackers who rebelled against the proprietary software model and Microsoft to create GNU/Linux. The story of two friends who created the site in order for ordinary citizens to communicate directly with the local authorities. The entrepreneurs are earning $60 million, employed a hundred people and get acquainted with President Clinton.

However, the decline in the securities market and the differences of the founders lead to a crisis in the company.

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