Ford Has Released A 3D-camouflage Optical Illusions To Test New Cars

Camouflage technique of the company constantly changing to maintain your privacy. When developing the latest version of designers have turned to optical illusions. Stickers, consisting of black, grey and white cylinders, creating a chaotic crisscross pattern. They do not allow to determine the exact shape of the car, because it prevents opinion to focus on the contours of the car. During the development of new cars being tested on public roads.

The creation of a protective layer takes about two months. After that, the camouflage is printed on a thin vinyl stickers. First machine to pass a test on a closed test track to prove the effectiveness of the camouflage. “Almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone and the ability to instantly share photos, allowing everyone, including our competitors, it becomes easier to follow the test-driving our cars, explains head of unit camouflage Ford of Europe Lars Muellbauer. Designers are creating beautiful cars with a unique appearance.

Our task is to keep it a secret.”. “I was trying to create a chaotic, confusing pattern, — says the Creator of a camouflage Marco Porceddu, engineer for the development of prototype cars, Ford of Europe. — I studied the optical illusions presented in the Internet, and has developed a form that may be copied and put on each other thousands of times that eventually creates an optical illusion and 3D effect.”. Such camouflage is used in winter in Europe. For Australia and South America there is a version in colours.

“Camo will stand out in any environment, but its purpose is to destroy the visual integrity of the shape, surface and color of the vehicle by means of slowing down the cognitive ability of the brain to their discernment, — says Professor at the University of Exeters Martin Stevens, 15 years studying animal coloration and camouflage. — Optical illusion hides the car, but it affects your ability to estimate the depth of field and shadows, which complicates the perception of the forms and features of the car. This trick can be observed in nature when living beings have to hide or stay unnoticed that it is also important for the driver experiencing a car”.

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