Forgetfulness, Isolation, Opacity: Major Mistakes In Designing Chat-bots

Team blog UXdesign prepared primary issues faced by the developers of the chat bots. Edition publishes an adapted translation of the material. “Chat-bots is now in the trend.

Nearly every industry representative managed to create a bot or at least its prototype. Some believe that this technology is the future of the it industry, and soon it will destroy 99% of applications, and online interfaces will replace most of the graphic design patterns,” write the authors of the material. However, most bots, he says, its not very smart:

A major role in the creation of chat bots for companies, according to the authors, play designers — they define common interaction scenarios and work through possible questions and answers. “But despite all our efforts, it often happens that the interface turns out not so amazing, effective and seamless, as we were”. Team blog UXdesign gathered some of the main reasons why chat bots fail.

“The vast majority of chat bots cannot be called intelligent systems. Based on their logic simple decision trees that choose the answer based on the key words that the algorithm finds in the users message,” write the authors. If the query contains the word shop or buy, the bot sends a list of goods. “This means that the intellectual abilities of the bot is actually limited by the capabilities of the developer or designer to foresee all possible variants of its use,” he continues.

A system that actually is able to analyze natural language, is still quite rare. “Whenever in the world there is a new technology, designers and developers are from her ecstatic. The company is reeling. Everyone wants the first in its category to create a bot.

The result is a lot of bad chat-bots that dont solve any problems, and only spoil the user experience”. This, according to the team blog, part of the cycle. Industry need to learn from their mistakes, began to appear relevant and useful solutions.

Most chat-bots will immediately let the user know what hes dealing with a robot and not a real person. “If the smartphone owner does not expect much from the system, it tends to lighten up to her mistakes, the authors write. Of course, the developer wants to chat-bot was perceived as a person, but to deceive the user means to lose his trust.”. “People are really good at conversations.

We understand sarcasm, can read between the lines, we always use the context of the conversation to give the answer. For example, when I agree with someone about dinner and inquire whether to take the umbrella, the interlocutor knows where were going, what we will do and whether the event is held in the air. He even knows how I basically careful in such matters”. Chat-bots are incapable of such analysis, except when they are based on a powerful analysis system for natural language.

In addition, they may not permanently store information and often lose the thread of the conversation after a few lines. Many companies write the authors of the material do when designing a chat-bot another mistake. They are trying to create a system from scratch. “For example, you design the interface to record in Spa.

If it doesnt work with the existing recording system of the cabin, its owner will have to make the information of visitors by hand.”. The team of the blog calls to mind that bots are part of a larger ecosystem, and for success it is important that such interface does not exist in isolation from the other channels. “Designers and developers, as a rule, are so fond of tasks that can solve a conversational interface that they forget to limit their number.

But bots that are good at doing only one thing, is much more useful than those that do bad just a lot of things,” explain the authors of the material. If the bot can not solve the problem, the user is often happy to receive help from a person in a chat-bots is not provided this functionality. As a result, the owners of the smartphone do not receive the answer to the question, and the bot just drops them in the middle of a conversation.

UXdesign team recommends that designers carefully consider all aspects of user interaction and the bot and try not to apply the technology in cases where its inappropriate. “Chat-bots, less money and opportunities than websites and apps and so, developers need to carefully select words and thoughtful attitude to the creation of the bot”.

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