Formula Drift driver Matt powers and the former Stig from Top Gear competed in the race of virtual reality advertising for Castrol Edge

Racers competed in Los Angeles in the Ford Mustang V8 in the VR-helmet Oculus Rift Kit 2. This allowed us to see not the usual track in front of him, futuristic and ever-changing terrain with cliffs, sudden turns, go ahead from the ground steam and flashes of fire. Despite the fact that in reality the riders competed at various tracks in Los Angeles, in the virtual reality helmets theyve seen one track.

Subjects — professional Formula Drift driver Matt powers and the British racing driver Ben Collins, the Stig from Top Gear on BBC. Also it is famous for the filming of the movies about James bond, which acts as a stuntman. In my career it was an extraordinary race, but this is without doubt the most outstanding. The hardest part was getting used to the virtual world and release yourself to squeeze out a pedal up, trusting the instincts, and not reason.

Its hard when every bone in your body feels that everything around is fake, but you know you are driving a real car at high speed. It was nice again to wear your helmet (formerly powers participated in the test of the brand Titanium Trial — approx. Ed.) and got a lot of impressions from the race in real time with the legendary Ben, as if we were on the same unearthly race track. It is unfortunate that in the last seconds I couldnt hold the lead, but I look forward to the rematch.

The programming of virtual reality (for composing landscapes) experts Adam Amaral and Glenn Snyder spent three months. According to them, one of the most difficult task was “development of technology for live racing, at the stage which had to solve the problem of delay and prevent the need for recalibration of equipment for track racers”. Experts believe that they managed to achieve the most complete immersion possible for virtual reality technology.

Separate video company dedicated to preparing the project. The brand of motor oil Castrol Edge uses of virtual reality for the first time. In may 2015 the company raised Matt powers for VR-racing, in which he saw the tunnels on the route, falling rocks and steep cliffs.

In the first test of the brand direction on a dark road indicated by rays of light. There participated famous racing drivers Ken Block, Augusto Farfus, Mike rockenfeller and Adrian Zaugg.


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