Freevolt — The Technology To Generate Electricity From Wi-Fi

Freevolt — British project, which in mid-may of 2016, announced the raising of £8 million investment. The team is developing a device that would allow the owners to extract electricity from radio waves of wireless networks — Wi-Fi, 4G and so on. As the newspaper notes NewStatesman, for extracting electricity is used the technology invented about 60 years ago. The resulting energy can then be used to charge your other devices — smartphones, wearable technology, items of “Internet of things”.

The company plans to develop various devices using this technology, as well as provide the opportunity to work with third-party developers. The Creator of the project is the former Minister of science of great Britain Lord Paul Drayson. He believes that the technology will be in especially high demand in the era of “Internet of things” when almost every home will be installed dozens of objects that communicate with each other.

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