Fresend service to send coffee as a gift

Hello. My name is Ivan, I am 30 years old, and I also have a startup. Becoming a certified specialist in the field of mining, I quickly ditched mine and quarry for a career in it. Although perhaps difficult to attribute the development of business sites to it, but still.

First thoughts about the start I had back in 2005. However, when I and words such did not know, but fantasized worthy. And the first realized project appeared in 2007, they became the regional advertising and information portal, he was subsequently successfully sold and still brings good profit to the new owners. At the moment, with partners Eugene and Alexander I are working on a service “Coffee gift” — Fresend.

With the help of our service you can give a friend a Cup of coffee, selecting and paying for it on our website. Friend will have to log at a convenient coffee shop and pick up your hot gift, telling the Barista the gift code. The most frequent question we are asked. “Why coffee?”.

If to distance themselves from technical and economic aspects, the answer is simple. Coffee is a beverage with a rich culture of cooking and consumption. Some types of coffee drinks are full of desserts. And those coffee shops that we go, and the coffee that we drink able lot about us. Coffee is a culture, worthy of occupying a place in everyday life.

And to be a part of this culture and promote this culture, to feel involved in more than just making money — priceless. When we started developing the project, we have collected all the most popular errors. It and product design without customer development, and redundant functionality, not typical of MVP, and more. Of course, most importantly — the illusion.

They were very persistent and pleasant illusions. Was the expectation of support from the community of people who love coffee, there was an expectation that the world only us and not enough. Now these illusions already, like, disappeared. Since the pilot launch in may 2015, we have managed to significantly change the product.

If earlier we were offered to choose the coffee shop and then to choose coffee from her personal menu, now everything is different. Now we have four standard drink, which is possible at any coffee shop. We got rid of the personal pages of coffee shops, relegate sell coffee on main page of website — for the simple reason that the farther the product is from the entry point to the site, the less people buy it. And most importantly, came the vision of how we want to develop your product.

Previously, in addition to the General words of type “completed, will attract traffic, well increase our average check, we will optimize conversion and then well see” nothing. Now a priority direction of development has been the provision of our service to third-party developers. Actively working on the API, there are early agreements, and in the near time I hope to see how users of various web and mobile applications give coffee to my friends. Moreover, the whole process of payment selection and the coffee donation will occur on the partner side.

Coffee as a gift, token or bonus can be used across a range of social gaming mechanics. This communication between users, and communication of business with the client. It is for this reason we plan in the future to become a platform, around which is formed an ecosystem of different services. I sincerely thank all who have paid attention to this article, those who support our project, and who expressed valuable opinions or criticism.

If you have an idea how we can be each other useful, please contact me in social network. We also have on Spark, where you can follow our occasional publications. All qualitative metrics. Returned the floor to the readers.

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