From Frozen Yogurt To Outsourcing For Uber, Tinder And AutoDesk

On the Internet is difficult to find a photograph of mark Zuckerberg dressed in his trademark gray t-shirt, or jacket. In 2011, Zuckerberg admitted that in his closet twenty identical t-shirts, and the rest of the space is occupied by things his wife Priscilla Chan. According to Zuckerberg, he doesnt want to think what clothes to wear. According to studies, people taking 35 thousand decisions every day, but researchers at Cornell University estimated that 227 of them are accepted just about the food.

For the same reason Barack Obama only two types of suits — gray and blue, and the billionaire Warren Buffetts entire wardrobe hung with the same shirts, pants, and ties. This approach appeals and the founder of the outsourcing company TaskUs Bruce Madoko, which laid down this principle as the basis of his business. In 2009, with several thousand dollars, Maddock opened the first TaskUs office in an abandoned school building in the Philippines.

Madoko helped his friend and co-founder of Jaspar Weir. My friends already had experience of entrepreneurship, however, unsuccessful. Maddock and Weir had planned to open a chain of establishments selling frozen yogurt. However, almost immediately abandoned this idea and radically changed the direction of the business.

“Just two hours our friend blew our dream in tatters. He said. “There is no point to open another restaurant establishment in Argentina”,” Maddoc. Instead, they were advised to open an international business that will get profit in dollars, but to pay its workers in national currency.

At that time, had 22 years and each of them lived with their parents. The first few years were hard. The company offers its outsourcing services, and, according to Maddock (GBR), in this area it is very hard to attract your first customers. Now TaskUs turnover is $50 million and it is 4 times more in comparison with indicator 2014. Recently opened a fifth call center company in the Philippines.

Maddock (GBR) and Weir initially attracted to work not only to Philippine residents. But then they saw the trend, Filipinos almost always work better, harder and more productively. Now in the call centers in the Philippines, TaskUs employs 5 thousand Filipinos, and another 30 employees are in the U.S. office. The success of TaskUs is largely due to promising niche.

At that time, outsourcing companies were not so many, and many it giants have realized that some tasks, by analogy with the selection of clothes, better not do it at all or pass on to others. TaskUs is called the “gray cardinal of the it companies and customers and Maddock (GBR) Weir are both major players — Uber, Tinder, HotelTonight, Autodesk, and less well-known outside the U.S. the company. For example, a startup with similar app Whisper, which by analogy with the closed service Secret allows users to anonymously share messages. In June TaskUs has closed the first investment round and raised $15 million from the Philippine investment Fund Navegar.

According to the representative of the Fund, Navegar invested in TaskUs because of the unique approach to outsourcing. “In a growing field of outsourcing there is no company that has achieved the same success as TaskUs and would have as a professional team”. The professionalism and humanity of the employees of call centres TaskUs is confirmed by the customers of the company. In an interview with LA Times Director of communications at Tinder Victor Colom told why their choice fell on TaskUs.

We needed a company that could build a customer support system as quickly as possible. TaskUs has impressed us the most. In any of the five call centers TaskUs can even get people without experience.

To the prospective employee has just two basic requirements. The lack of focus and good knowledge of the Internet environment. On the website Glassdoor TaskUs as the employer has only positive feedback. Average rating is 4.6 stars and high reputation of the Director-General Bruce Maddock (GBR) — 99%.

In a review of the companys former employees write that working at TaskUs hard, but all the effort are encouraged and compensated. “The main disadvantage TaskUs is that its not a nine to five job. If you want to go home to sleep or to spend the weekend with family, it is not necessary to get here,” said one of the former employees of the company. But despite the fact that the basic requirements are only two, to get a job in a company is not easy.

Co-founder Bryce Maddock (GBR) adheres to the 80/20 rule, believing that it is better to spend 80% of time on recruitment and then only 20% to the managing. “If you hire good people, management becomes a pleasure,” says the entrepreneur. It is not easy to overcome and cultural differences between the US and the Philippines. Several times a year, top managers of the company are sent to the Islands to conduct a personal meeting and interview with the employees of call centers.

Philippine call centers include a gym, a room for sleeping and a small cinema. Every Friday the staff meet and go to karaoke or bowling. Every year at TaskUs choose 2% of the most productive employees and give them a trip to an exotic resort.

“This distinguishes from other TaskUs. We work with a huge number of startups from San Francisco and want to learn corporate culture and convenience of their offices,” says Weir. Of course, it bears fruit — the company has retained 86% of Filipino employees in comparison with the previous year, and most new employees come on the recommendations of friends.

TaskUs trying to destroy the stereotype that call centers is massive, and to drive in the depression space, slave labor conditions and virtually invisible result from the work. According to Weir, they try to convey to clients the idea that the operators of their call center employees are the same as those in the main office in the US. “Once our customers realized this, we received another competitive advantage”. Says Weir.

All clients TaskUs note the professionalism of the company and their desire to deal with the characteristics and desires of each customer. The company is Hootsuite, which is working on tools for social networking, uses the TaskUs team for processing emails of the users. “I have the feeling that TaskUs is a part of our family. We never worried about the fact that at least one of our users will be disappointed with the response of customer support,” says Vice-President for work with clients HootSuite Kirsty trail.

In 2013, the companys founders launched a nonprofit Foundation TaskUs Foundation. The activity of the Fund was to provide Filipino children the opportunity to learn in schools. Year of training one student in the Philippine school cost $138. “It is less than 99% of schools in the United States,” — said on the Foundations website.

Necessary $20 thousand has been collected over the years. In the corporate blog of the company Maddock (GBR) wrote that $7 donated thousands of friends and clients of the company, and the remaining $13 thousand invested and he is the co-founder of TaskUs Jaspar Weir. Maddock (GBR) sees the future of his companys heavy but bright. “The best advice I once gave my father.

I sat at home and couldnt decide what problem to take on TaskUs. The father walked over, looked at me and said. “Bruce, enjoy these challenges. You earned it, ” recalls the entrepreneur.

Over the next two years the company intends to invest $25 million in the Philippine part of the company and to increase the number of call centers on the Islands. Maddock (GBR) believes that by 2017 the company will have more than 10 thousands of Filipinos.

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