From innovators to mainstream: how intellectual services to conquer the consumer

Progress create one, and follow it thousands. This thesis has been repeatedly confirmed in history and although not well understood by most, but properly works and lives in the popular consciousness. The French philosopher Saint-Simon wrote that if France suddenly lost three thousand of scientists, artists and inventors, then this would mean national collapse, as the other millions who ever lived the French had not created anything comparable.

To be on the cutting edge of progress, to create innovations is the prerogative of the singles. And the crowd, a large mass of people, not yet made progressive breakthroughs on its own but willingly follow a forward-looking leader. A famous example is Thomas Edison, in simple terms, single-handedly performed thousands of samples, went through many setbacks and created a revolutionary product that not only.

In the garage of a provincial canadian town Joseph-Armand Bombardier brother Leopold built the first snowmobile that decades later their invention was not just popular, but essential for the development of Northern territories. The rapid development of industry in the 20th century although gave the world the concept of the industrial lab, where discoveries are made already for mass production, but it has happened again thanks to the intelligence of people who worked in corporations Ford and Taylor. Progress even in mass production, was driven by very specific people, not faceless “laboratory”.

The it industry is again revived already fading into history, the spirit of “garage invention”. The infamous example of bill gates or Steve jobs, launched the “garage” to the heights of success (though these legends are strong counterarguments), is only the tip of the iceberg. In the middle will be the Harley Davidson is probably the most logical type of business “straight from the garage”, Amazon, Disney, Lotus Car, Nike.

Agree, the list is impressive. Global brands are created by individuals in the most simple terms. And on the hike such “garage” projects like Quirky — trendy design Studio and contract manufacturing, Shapeways — Studio 3D printing for custom projects on an industrial scale.

Breakthroughs not only in technology, but also in the service plan, which will make mass production of remote. All this, in fact, factional, or personal projects, professional, intellectual and cognitive abilities which allow the creators find a niche, create compelling products and lead consumers to a qualitative breakthrough in the improvement of the environment and life. Conflict with thousands of years of history of the personality-intellectual, and the crowd, now largely flattened, and both sides use their strengths.

Personality creates revolutionary ideas — society provides a demand and supply perspective. And only one side of this interaction remains sharp and defiant. Innovations often cause rejection, before you conquer the world.

And only the future genius of his energy and vision can convince everyone in the value and convenience of their ideas. Known comments of critics of the 19th century that the train is not able to move too fast, because otherwise the passengers will inevitably die from lack of air, critics of the 20th century — about the impossibility of the use of personal computers for home, just a few years before their triumphant launch on the domestic market. And in the 21st century is quite wide layers of the population and even large companies-manufacturers did not see prospects of smartphones and continued to rely on push-button mobile phones, bringing under a different logical and not logical arguments.

The link between the inventor and the massive demand become people-innovators, who by their example show the advantages of new products. Innovators always be a “test” for new technologies. First, they appreciate the advantages, for example, plasma and LCD TVs before CRT, and when they become mainstream, the innovators are already trying out the “smart TV” that turns a household appliance into a whole analytical system, searching the content for the user according to his preferences, with a wide network access to huge libraries of video data, such as video service MOYO. It generates a custom feed, which gets only what corresponds to the tastes and habits of the user.

The user-innovator is exclusive signs. Although for others — those who “takes what is given”, it looks extravagant whim of an overly demanding person.

As a result, the innovator not only creates fashion and preferences of users in the coming years, but he himself gets large advantages over less active and open to new people, which helps him in life or business. Thanks to his activity and intelligence, he is able not only to consume intellectual content, but also to create the demand for it, and even to invent that in the future will become a new step in the progress of mankind. Even if the first small step for this will be done in his garage. Material published with the support of the service MOYO.


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