From Montenegro To Spain €? Six Coliving For Entrepreneurs

A list of available places to live and work in Europe. The widespread use of digital technologies not only change the usual patterns of work, helps to better balance work and personal life, but also sets new trends in travel, one of which is the European coliving. If in the USA this type of housing was initially created for the purpose of economy, in Europe coliving is primarily an Association of people of similar professions and views, and work and rest together.

The founders of coliving one of its tasks, see attracting foreign start-UPS and their familiarity with the local culture. “Our goal is to help the development of entrepreneurship and promote opportunities of Bucharest. Not many people know that in Romania there are nine of the fifteen cities of Europe with the fastest Internet.

Our country is one of the most affordable for travelers to Europe, it is highly recommended by CNN, Lonely Planet and National Geographic,” said Tudor Maxim, founder of Pura Vida coliving in Bucharest. Coliving provide room and workplace tours, language courses, sporting events. The opportunity to live in hostels of the new type are not only programmers and designers, wintering in a warm Asian climate, but also entrepreneurs who choose the European community.

The accommodation usually has a shared working space, separate meeting room and kitchen. A prerequisite is a stable and high quality Internet. Especially for those who plan to combine a trip to Europe with work, we chose six coliving suitable for business and networking, and talked to their residents. One of the most popular coliving in Spain is a four-storey 19th-century house, located on the Mediterranean coast.

At the same time it can live for up to 20 people, there are dorms and private rooms. Work areas try to place so that fans and open spaces, and secluded places it is equally convenient. Near coliving there are two national parks, the sea with the beach and surf schools.

There are weekly meetings in which optionally one of the participants shares his skills with the other residents. Request for accommodation can be submitted all year round, you have to fill in the contact form. Strict rules of admission, the main thing – the desire and ability to work remotely. Sun and Co – first coliving, which I visited. I searched the Internet for where to stay, and found the Sun and Co.

I liked their site and community. In addition, theres great weather, easy and cheap to get to from the UK. Coliving I was not disappointed. Javea is a small town, but we had everything we need. The sun, the sand and the water is great.

Id definitely go there again and again. I was left with a good impression of Sun and Co. I stayed there in November, when the weather in London (where I live) is already hideous, but still quite nice in the South of Spain. Besides, I do Cycling, and Javea is the ideal place for this. I could train in the morning, weather permitting, and then work day in a relaxed atmosphere.

In coliving regular master-classes, where one of the participants shares his problems or complex challenges in business, and the rest Express their proposals. Sometimes, though, it was just a waste of my time, but sometimes, these classes were helpful and really inspired. In any case, theres no pressure, you choose whether or not to participate. The same applies to parties.

In November in Javea is not so much what happens most of the bars closed for the winter. I think the balance of work and leisure here is absolutely correct. I chose the Sun and Co because of the good climate. Coliving is near the sea and in the center of the city. A typical day in Krivine began with morning coffee and work on a joint dinner with the other participants and then work on the beach or in coworking.

In the evening we could cook dinner together or go to a bar and drink. The price is from €18 per day. This amount includes rent, toiletries and basic groceries in the kitchen.

Coliving positioning itself as a community of entrepreneurs that spend most of their time together. Prepare, participate in house concerts and share ideas about business over dinner. Nest consists of four apartments, each of them has five rooms, designed for one person (I live a couple will not work – this is clearly specified in the regulations).

Periodically participants are invited to coliving business experts, financial analysts and CEOs of major companies. Residents looking for among the people aged from 21 years to 35 years. To get to coliving, you need to pass two stages.

To complete the application and interview. Preference is given to candidates with a wide network of contacts in LinkedIn (500 or more) and with over seven years of business experience. Nest is more like a hostel for people of similar views than a quiet place for concentrated work and business. I was recently in Denmark, so coliving for me is the opportunity to meet new people and become part of a cohesive community. In Copenhagen I arrived eighteen months ago, six of them I live in a Nest, and this is one of the best events that happened to me in this country.

We often spend time together, this past weekend I went to a walk in nature. How often in your life have the opportunity to chat with twenty good friends. In the Nest she is always there. Every night we organize events.

Sometimes we invite experts (Fund managers, founders of companies), some of the residents can tell about your startup. The price. From €350 to €650 per month, including rent, water, electricity, Internet and cleaning.

CasaNetural perfect for lovers of privacy, countryside and cities with a history. Coliving is located in the small old town of Matera (entered in the UNESCO heritage list) in the South of Italy. There are only three rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen. In the same building is a coworking space with a video projector, scanner, and printer.

Coliving holds various cultural events. Joint field trips, Italian language courses “Spaghetti language”, tours of medieval castles and workshops on the problems of the region. To rent a room in coliving, you need to fill in the application form on the website indicating their data and to answer the question, what do you expect from the trip. In CasaNetural a spacious co-working space, a cozy kitchen, a playroom for children.

We organize language courses for residents, as well as activities for the exchange of skills Netural School. Every day coliving there is something new – it can be as professional activities related to communications, design, business, and travel or trekking trip, dinner with locals, Italian cooking lessons. Our vision is to transform rural life through small social and technological change. The price.

‚?500 per month includes rent, cleaning, tea and coffee facilities, Wi-Fi and Bicycle rental. The first and only coliving in Romania is located in the centre of the Old town and more like a co-working space with accommodation on Airbnb type. In fact, it is two hostels with a private coworking and rooftop bar. Accordingly, to pay for the accommodation and use of a common working area with a video projector and a conference room need to be separate.

The coworking space hosts workshops, a cinema club every Friday to watch the performances and discuss TED Talks. No pre-selection no need to fill out a simple booking form on the website. In April of last year, Pura Vida competition held among foreign start-UPS, where ten teams could win free accommodation in coliving a period of one to three months.

I chose Pura Vida because I was tired of the routine, I wanted something unusual, for example, to be in a multicultural environment. In coliving people from different countries, so the diversity of cultures here than in other places of Bucharest. I have my own marketing company specializing in strategic consulting, main customers are from USA, so I work in different time zones. Leaving the corporate world, I was looking for places and opportunities that are the opposite of office business.

My lifestyle suits me, and I dont see any disadvantages of living in coliving. Although I think Pura Vida may not be suitable for people who are looking for a quiet place. On the other hand, coliving – a great environment to change the lifestyle of even the most avid introverts.

The cost of living in coliving. From €9 per night, this includes rent, Wi-Fi, cleaning, utilities. The cost of the work in coworking. ‚?100 per month.

The biggest coliving in the world was opened in may of 2016 on the site of a former office building. Ten floor to 546. Services and facilities are designed taking into account the interests of the entire community. In common use are bar, restaurant, Laundry, rooftop terrace, Spa, movie theater, lobby and common place to work.

“The growing number of digital nomads leads to an increase of mobility and reluctance to settle down somewhere in one place. In the end, we will proceed to model home on a subscription basis or will provide “Accommodation as a” service,” says James Scott, COO, The Collective. The price of rent in coliving depends on the availability of private kitchen and bathroom.

In The Collective yoga and Jogging. When applying for the rent online you need to specify the level of their salary, place of work, describe in a nutshell your typical Saturday night and leave the number of your Bank card. I stayed in The Collective for a week, but this is an exception – usually coliving contracts on a minimum of nine months. I, as the founder of a startup, left only good impressions from coliving. There are quite many entrepreneurs who have a lot to learn and to expand your network of contacts.

There I met interesting people from Remote Year, they work remotely and every month traveling to a new country, we had a great time together. The only drawback of coliving is its location, far from Central London, and the lack of infrastructure around. The price.

From €250 per week includes rent, Wi-Fi, cleaning and use of common areas. Playworking suitable for those who want to work productively next to the sea but you dont want to get a visa. The owners of coliving provide everything you need including fast Internet, a conference room and a common room for themselves and care about food and joint campaigns on bicycles and kayaks. In order to get to coliving, you need to fill in a form on the website.

I stayed in Playworking at the end of August for a week, in this coliving I was attracted by the all-inclusive offer. The food here is really amazing. Of healthy ingredients and very tasty. Given the included excursions (sea kayaking, mountain Biking) and high quality products, the price is great.

But there are downsides. When I was there, coliving was quite empty, lacking the social environment and communication. Perhaps things will change – Playworking becoming more and more popular. This place is perfect for couples. To anyone who travels here alone can be lonely.

The working area is spacious but a bit uncomfortable. There are benches of solid wood tables like in a cafe or restaurant. In coliving no Dimov, only individual rooms to save on accommodation will not succeed. Here you can book through Airbnb, so Playworking a little different from other coliving where everyone has a common goal – to work and relax together.

The price. From €275 per week, including rent, meals and airport transfer.

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