Galaxy Note 7, Hoverboards Are, Drones GoPro And Others: The Worst Device 2016 Of The Year According To Gizmodo

The new flagship smartphone from Samsung was released in August of 2016, then the journalists Gizmodo called it “one of the best Android phone money can buy”. Soon, however, users began complaining of numerous cases of ignition devices during operation and charging. In early September, Samsung has suspended sale and announced the recall of 2.5 million smartphones sold. The company later released a “corrected” version of the Galaxy Note 7, but they were subject to the same problem.

In October, the company stopped the sale and shut down production of smartphones this model. The total damage from problems with the Galaxy Note 7 Samsung itself is estimated at $5.3 billion for the first three quarters. Many waited impatiently for the dog-robot Chip from the company WowWee, but in the end Chip was a bad dog and not a very good toy, writes Gizmodo. “The robot dog must respond to voice commands, but his hearing is not perfect,” — indicates publication.

Users can purchase the Chip, but they find out that he was “mad and angry,” writes Gizmodo. American manufacturer of gaming equipment Razer in 2016 decided to release a smart watch, the device is called Nabu. Watch big, uncomfortable and “look disgusting” writes Gizmodo. Moreover, they do not always correctly show time, specifies the edition.

Hoverboards are was one of the leading products of 2015, however in 2016 they have failed, writes Gizmodo. In March 2016, the international trade Commission (US International Trade Commission) banned the import of these devices due to reports of fire. In July 2016, the U.S. government has withdrawn more than 500 thousand representatives of the group sold in the period from June 2015 to may 2016. The Commission on consumer product safety (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has taken this step after he recorded 99 incidents of spontaneous combustion of batteries hoverboards in 20 States, the total material damage from which has exceeded $2 million.

In August 2016, Boosted the startup released the second generation of elektrosetevogo. “Boosted Board is a very cool thing if it doesnt explode in your apartment,” writes Gizmodo. In November 2016, the web developer Rick Bross from new York spoke about the smoke that spread throughout the apartment while charging the battery of his longboard. It was one of two incidents involving smoke because of the Boosted battery Board 2.

After that, the company asked customers to stop using the devices of the second generation until the end of investigation of causes of failure. In March 2016, Amazon introduced two compact versions of the home assistant Amazon Echo — Echo Dot Echo and Tap. Echo Dot, which costs $50, as good as the original device, but the Echo Tap has proven to be one of the biggest disappointments of 2016, writes Gizmodo.

Echo Tap costs $130, but it has not provided the activation assistant Alexa using voice — to start the user needs to press the button. “It makes absolutely meaningless the concept of a wireless device”, — specifies the edition. American Fitbit makes some of the best fitness trackers, but the company should abandon the production of “smart” hours, according to journalists Gizmodo.

“At least if they look the same as the Fitbit Blaze” they explained. In this device, the manufacturer tried to combine the functions of “smart” watches and fitness tracker, but he did not succeed, the newspaper writes. In addition, these watches look ugly, specifies Gizmodo.

“If you want to [fitness tracker] Fitbit, the Fitbit take. But if you want a smart watch, look for other options” — sums up edition. In December 2016, Fitbit agreed to the takeover company-maker of “smart” watches Pebble. The amount of the transaction is estimated at $34-40 million.

Perhaps the acquisition will allow Fitbit to release a watch much better than Blaze, writes Gizmodo. Jabra Sport Elite is one of the alternatives AirPods wireless headphones from Apple, which went on sale just two months after the presentation. Headphones are $250 and look good. However, despite some reviews that say that they dont fall out of your ears, in fact it is not, writes Gizmodo.

The reviewer edition headphones Elite Sport fell ten times before “found his death in the subway”. The Panono ball, shooting 360-degree panoramas, entered the market in 2016 — five years after the announcement. “Honestly, Panono was a disappointment,” writes Gizmodo. The device costs $1400, its camera takes great shots only when using a selfie stick, specifies the edition.

In addition, the inconvenience and delivers an image transfer process with a ball on the computer. “Moreover, we just dont know who might be interested in this thing. Five years ago, it was a cool idea, but now its just rubbish” — sums up Gizmodo.

In September 2016, the manufacturer of action cameras GoPro has unveiled its first drone Karma. The device weighs about 1 kg, it can be folded. The quadcopter is capable of speeds up to 56 km/h, removed from the user at a distance of 1 km and rise to a height of 4.5 km. Drones Karma went on sale on October 23, but 16 days later GoPro withdrew them having to sell 2,5 thousand devices. The cause of user complaints on problems with the power supply.

Huawei has announced the release of hybrid Windows-based tablet in February 2016. Experts expect that the device will be a worthy competitor to the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro. But in the end MateBook was not so good, writes Gizmodo. The battery was holding a charge less than half the promised term stylus pen, which is sold separately, is slower than the Apple or Surface, and the keyboard is also sold separately — “just terrible in terms of recruitment”.

“We see a lot of stupid things at events like the international consumer electronics show (CES), but Febreze Home is one of the most ridiculous devices that we have seen,” writes Gizmodo. Febreze Home — air freshener for $50, which is connected to Wi-Fi. It can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet. For example, you can assign a time that will be sprayed freshener.

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