Gallop Travel Service For The Organization Of Independent Travel

Offers itineraries, tips from locals and reservation services. My name is Eugene Motov, I am 32 years old. Im co-founder of the Gallop Travel.

This is my first it-startup. I used to be in the wine business and organized trips to wineries for their friends and clients. Independent planning the trip required a lot of time and effort.

If you are traveling to explore a specific topic or to learn about the attractions, local culture and peoples lives, the preparation for the trip requires reference to the thematic blogs, reviews and ratings on Yelp, TripAdvisor or Foursquare, articles in Wikipedia and routes in “Google Maps”. Every time you use several resources to find and keep the right information and plan a route taking into account time and money. I had to store a large number of bookmarks in the browser, a lot of notes in the phone to understand the file with the outline of the route.

I wanted to find a service, where would have been all the necessary information and was available ready-made templates. During one of his trips to Italy (the route Bologna-Florence-Siena-Ancona-Rimini) I learned what services use my friends. One was easier to view the route on the map, while others looked for interesting places nearby, focusing on the reviews in trip Advisor, who assessed the ratings, and one girl was going through an interesting photo in Instagram by store location.

The interests may differ, but the portability and offline access determine a lot. It is always interesting to know what is nearby. You see some sights, but need the Internet to learn more about it. Without Internet it is difficult to confidently follow the paved path or change the route.

You are an experienced traveler, if necessary print the documents or save them in your phone. But whether it is convenient to look at the papers need your boarding pass or insurance. When searching for a car, tours or a guide you are applying to multiple services. The prototype we created for the evening together with a partner who had experience in the development.

Initially, we planned to launch a small blog in the web version. But when I spent most of personal savings and plunged into the travel, we realized that such projects on the market a lot. We decided to create a major service. During development we saw a lot of interesting features in other products and blogs. I managed to profitably sell last business and to obtain material support of a few friends.

By the end of 2015, we hired a team and started full-fledged work on the project. We twice changed the key requirements and architecture, remodel design, faced with lack of understanding of the performers and made mistakes. The biggest of them — the reluctance to reduce the ultimate functionality when you need to quickly enter the market and take into account the results of surveys of the potential audience.

This increased the time, but allowed to think carefully about the structure and functionality, develop user scenarios. In early 2017 we released iOS app. We combined approaches to the presentation of information. Guides, maps, reviews, and publications of friends in social networks.

The service offers: Only available iOS app.

It is translated in English, Spanish, Portuguese, simplified Chinese and Russian languages. We are currently testing the first Android and update the web version of the service. We plan to expand the list of available devices and configure their synchronization. We also want to introduce a recommendation system for user profiles and publications and to allow the travelers to share itineraries, to make a collective travel plans.

We fill the service content. At first, we used the experienced travelers and industry publications, social networks and resources for freelancers. We have verified the information, contacted the local residents, but early reviews revealed many errors. So I decided to retreat in the direction of the content of Wikipedia, and collected information to process.

Choosing representatives of the service among local residents, we get objective data. These materials appear in English versions of the product, and then will be translated into Russian language. I have been watching the development of services Detour, and DayUse Like a Local.

This is an interesting and useful projects. We plan to implement audio guides on routes and to create a platform for a choice of excursions and activities from private tour guides and local residents. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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