Game development in difficult times: Experts Nival, Alawar, Epic Games and Pruffi about a possible crisis in the industry

On October 14 in Moscow held a gaming conference White Nights of Moscow the founder of Pruffi recruitment company and “Antipasto” Alena Vladimir expressed his view that in the near future awaits the industry of game development. According to the expert, in the field of the crisis. Their views of Vladimir reinforces several abstracts.

So, a few numbers, why its bad. First, the General thesis. Now the Internet is no sub with the crisis (not frames), namely the crisis in General, than geymdev. This is compounded by the fact that game development as a sub-sector used to live very widely.

Therefore, recession and stagnation is going through a particularly unpleasant (not in the habit of saving). The last statement was the founder of Pruffi and “Antipasta” revealed read more. Three years ago, the first great Internet found that in game development there is a very high quality frames.

Absolutely necessary for other industries, and its not the programmers. According to Vladimir, professionals are leaving game development, as they offer more interesting projects and high salaries and options. “People leave and no inflow. Game development has ceased to be so attractive and at the same time have chosen (actually bought) a provincial resource studios, which solved the personnel policy in recent years,” writes Vladimir.

Representatives of the gaming industry commented on the publication of the founder of Pruffi on Facebook. A very comprehensive review you have to write. And considering that actually there are several independent Hamdamov — MMOs, mobile and social development, at least, would have to write a review for each of them separately.

And still need to challenge absolutely everything you type is able to monetize marketers and other mythical beasts, but to agree with a basic postulate about the crisis. Therefore, for brevity, I say Yes, there are bad years, be brave. All right. In game development it has become difficult to be born and to grow new companies, as it used to be 5-7 years ago — now there are no niches and platforms with a low barrier of entry.

And many large and medium-sized companies in Russia are experiencing a crisis of ideas, a crisis of governance, crisis of quality. And certainly all experience a crisis of liquidity and investments. Here and the General situation in the market triggered and all these stories about the “Crimea is ours”.

But there are tons of great teams (especially outside of Moscow), who came into game development not because of all peyreleau and because handing out options and investment, and because you can “make games!”. And now their projects are especially notable — they are made with love, they again look like an art, not a pipeline, they are interesting and fresh — its not just clones that have sinned large and stable. This is exactly the kind of young punks that will sweep away the big corporate monsters in the gaming business with the face of the Earth. Sometimes they suffer professionalism, but a lot of passion.

Professionalism of them, you can add, but passion can not buy for any options. We Alawar in love with such people and such teams to work in recent months — it is for us also a new chance. When we started doing games, it would take a lifetime, free from sleep and work (in hospitals and by ambulance) and didnt bring the first four years I personally none of your money.

It is impossible to be creative for the sake of money. If the movie managed to build the industry hits, from the games will turn out. Only remain three or four companies in which the Studio will do what they want, and not clones of Clash of Clans with a hard deadline in eight months.

Such games, as practice shows, audiences dont need more. For all market players today is just one question. Will I be able to pull yourself up by these three or four companies, or have to accept the role of the Studio within the holding.

Games should make people who live without it cannot. Its like with the writers. You can not write — do not write. And the fact that the local surge of the last ten years caused by the advent of new business models in the industry a lot of people came for the money, and the fact that the industry was ready to pay them is an anomaly. People who came for the money, must go.

People who like games cant live, will remain. And all will be happiness. Problems in the industry with the staff there (that is not the problem permanently, but as a constant, not much change), as there is no crisis (for that was the crisis, was supposed to be taking off, something tells me that now the industry is at the peak of earnings).

There is a change of business models, market leaders and, as a consequence, the migration of personnel. From the industry leaving random people, absolutely support of Sergei Orel. We in Minsk are 99% not interested in expensive dinosaurs, who built the banking system in EPAM, not interested in their salespeople and so on. Their marketers will not help to promote our products and so on.

Geymdev — its a thing, if hes in there — it can be pulled from anywhere. The success of gaming companies is the ability to find and educate staff and not expensive to entice people with huge Luggage (relevant-that Luggage is almost none and no). Here did not resist, I will write.

Crisis in game development. Recession and stagnation. Seriously. Apparently now call the wrath of the bison game development, but the situation presented an extremely one-sided.

For a start, probably have to put down the scope, were now talking about Russian game development. So, were talking about the Russian market, where overall things are not too good, right. Running through the thesis.

And Yes, people go outside of the Russian Federation, but game development is not special, its for the whole country now so. And now a little about the other, positive side of the coin. Every two or three years we traditionally ritual funeral industry, she came to life in the morning with renewed vigor.


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