GeoCash €? Mobile Quest To Find Caches Of Money

Tells the players with fragments of the urban landscape. My name is Igor Zuev, Im 40 years old. More than 20 of them I deal with content and media on the Internet.

Worked in RBC, Samsung and Kokoc Group. The last five years I develop and promote mobile applications. One of them is GeoCash, this is my own project. One day my friends arranged for the children the game “treasure hunt”.

While they were in the garden looking for hidden candies, we talked about what entertainment can interest and adults. And after a few minutes to plan for future applications. Thus reminded of the existence of geocaching — the game in which participants find caches using GPS coordinates.

But to enter the coordinates into the GPS and go at it would be too easy. Therefore, we have complicated the idea of searching for treasure the photos. To involve more participants decided not to show the street or the courtyard entirely. Arbat know anyone whos been on this street. Weve added photos of parts of buildings, fences, fountains or trees so that the participants collected a total picture out of fragments, like a puzzle.

Mechanics have been identified, but there is a question of motivation. Most adults are not ready to run around town for candy, as in childrens games, or for the magnet, as in the traditional geocaching. So we put the money on the line.

Then think about monetization of the app. To attract users in the game, we made it free, but added paid tips, which cover the cost of prizes. From discussing the idea to launch in the app stores several months passed. In June 2017, the game appeared in Google Play and App Store.

Over the summer, the app was downloaded more than 80 million users. In the application the user sees a list of caches in the city. Each clade is conventionally describe six images of the same street. The place where the treasure is hidden, only shown in one photo, the others help to determine the location.

The job can be fence with unusual patterns, bright graffiti, stucco work on the façade of a building, a tree or a fragment of the fountain. For the search of the cache does not need to know all the streets and places of the city, quite logic. If you carefully look at the photo, you can see that the fence can be seen of the lake on which coast there are benches.

If we are talking about the Park, pictures of pergolas or trees will help to locate new locations. If the players dont want to waste time on analysis of the photos, you can buy hints, each of which costs 100-150 rubles. With their help, the user learns the first letter of the street or locality if the cache is located outside the city. The second hint will show on the map the boundaries of the search area in radius of 100-200 meters.

The third option will remove half of the photos that portray the place where the treasure is hidden. The cache is a capsule with code. You need to activate the application after which the money will be transferred to the map user. The reward depends on the complexity of the cache and can range from 500 to 5000 rubles.

There are also treasures auctions, their price is increasing daily. At the time of writing in Moscow acted undisclosed hiding place, for 40 days the reward for him has risen from 400 to 4600 rubles. Initially the application GeoCash start in Moscow and subsequently appeared in several Russian cities.

In the future to distribute the game throughout the territory of Russia, and also in major cities of the CIS countries and Europe. To speed up the access to the regions we help users who ask when the application launches in their city. They offer their services independently to lay caches.

So GeoCash appeared franchise, which includes three levels of partnership. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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