GetBot Store For The Search Bots To The Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Slack, And Kik

My name is Andrew Niedbalski, I represent a team of bots store The service allows users to find bots for various instant messengers based on their interests. We are five people, each behind a created the it business and work with real sector. Outsource the development and start-UPS in total are more than 15 years. I am responsible for the technical part, partner, commercial issues, three people in the team — the developers.

Our team is developing bots for more than six months. And we, like many publishers bots, faced with the problem of their promotion. Many messengers or you dont own directories bots, or they focused exclusively on a single messenger. We have created a store that allows you to find bots for various platforms. In the Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Kik North American, Slack.

Will soon be able to search bots in Viber and WhatsApp (when they will have the opportunity to create them), Wechat. A startup that helps you choose the bot based on user interests, its language and platform support. We position ourselves as a store for all bot — shop bot for everyone. Now we are working on creating bots of our store each of the messengers. Any developer can add to the store of your bot.

While their adoption is simplified, but later bots will be subjected to more strict moderation. Frankly bad, fraudulent bots we are not going to add. The store bots in different languages (French, German, Italian, Russian — all in seven languages), the default language is English. We see our global market. A startup focused primarily on Western markets, but there are plans to maintain the majority of the worlds languages.

We have recently launched and potentially more powerful competitors — such as the Botlist, and Botfamily. Will gladly listen to the wishes of the community as the developers of bots and regular users.

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