GetIT €? Service Selection Of Russian Developers And It Professionals For Foreign Companies

Today in the category of “Startups” is the service of GetIT, which helps Russian it professionals to find work in technology companies and startups around the world. Pass the MIC.

My name is Svetlana Petrovicheva, I am 32 years old. I was doing startups for more than seven years. And they were devoted to recruitment. The story of the creation GetIT started with the fact that in 2015 my good friend and a strong leader in software development he moved with his family to live in Australia.

I was sorry that in this regard we dont see each other and that the specialist of this level is moving to nowhere. From the position of a recruiter I knew that the job search process in another country may take years. Then I got the idea to organize a service that would help it professionals and developers from Russia to find and obtain a job abroad.

To test my idea I started in the School of management in SKOLKOVO. After analyzing the market, I found out that the developer is in Germany costs on average $70 thousand in the US $100 million, and Russia $24 thousand. By the end of 2017 only in the United States will experience a need for 1.5 million it professionals, while now there are only 400 thousand of employees able to meet the existing demand. Simultaneously, 13% of it professionals and developers from Russia are planning to move abroad with the aim of increasing your earnings and search for interesting projects.

In developing the business model, we are faced with the problem of marketing of our services as well as sell them out of Russia proved to be quite difficult. We went by opening “representative offices” and have already launched our project in Germany. In plans — USA, Canada, Australia.

Now the business model of the service GetIT as follows. We received a request from foreign companies, then over the communication channels (social networks and blogs) to communicate with it professionals and developers who want to move. Next, we carefully evaluate specialist.

Check his English level, technical knowledge, personal competence. Then we recommend our partners for consideration. Except service for finding professionals for companies, we also plan to provide services for job seekers — to provide courses in the language and to assist in obtaining a visa. We already have a number of partner firms that are willing to support us in this matter.

The next step will be the automation of the recruitment process. This will allow you to find suitable professionals during the day. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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