GetReport service for the collection of corporate reporting

Hi. My name is Sergey christolyubov, I am 33 years old. The last 10 years our team creates registration and reporting web system. Summarizing our experience, we have created GetReport service that allows you to design via the web interface record forms of any complexity, and then using the created forms to collect data from the units.

In companies with many offices or departments need to collect data from different units. Some companies do this according to the standard scheme. Many Excel files are filled with employees in remote units and sent to head office by email. Further, these files are processed to generate aggregate reports on the main indicators of the company, which is often used for management decision making.

Heres how it usually looks. In this case, it is possible that the entire process can turn into a real headache. Files get lost in the mail, there is confusion with versions of files, difficult to control the delivery of data, the process of formation of summary reports is inconvenient and time-consuming. As a result, the information before the guide comes with errors, not in full and late.

In addition, spending lots of resources on the vault in the common information table data received from multiple employees and departments. In GetReport analyst or supervisor creates the necessary form and shall designate persons responsible for its completion. The staff of divisions instead of filling multiple Excel files and sending them by mail just open the system browser and feed the data into the form.

The information instantly goes into a centralized database, where control of incoming data and automatically generated summary reports. All this allows to control the correctness and timeliness of the filling of the information by each employee. In our team, in addition to founder, four developers and marketing specialist. With successful implementation of several large clients.

So we are full of energy, looking for our target segment and are on the way to scaling. Now the product is aimed at businesses. Thank you for your attention.

Returned the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup. Welcome to the tribune.


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