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Today in the category of “Startups” — Giglob service that allows you to make real estate transactions without the services of agencies and intermediaries. The system analyzes, compares requests to buy and sell and selects the most suitable of all the parameters of the pair “buyer-seller”. Pass the microphone. My name is Alexey Galtsev, I am 26 years old. I am the CEO of “Halawy and Von Hertz” — the leading real estate Agency of Moscow region operating on the principle kalakriti (governance without hierarchies and managers — approx.ed.).

Creating Giglob, I first planned to break the model of real estate brokerage business in Russia. The new service is intended to deprive the work of unscrupulous real estate agents. Using Giglob in just three weeks you can sell or buy an apartment without intermediaries, overpayments and surcharges. Buyers and sellers can quickly and easily each other to find and make a deal. The Russian real estate market is hard to call it civilized.

In search of a suitable option to the buyer or seller of the apartment had to spend a lot of effort, time, nerves and money. Various database of real estate like CYANOGEN, Amazon, are just classified resources. Its just a large library of ads, which are often the same objects placed in different agencies and at different prices. The main task is to attract the customer, and therefore such information is not always corresponds to reality. The “owner” will be a realtor, “modern apartment” apartment with Granny Wallpaper.

About 95% of all ads in the database are published by the agencies, and on the top position in the results predictably fall ads, which pays. All this leads to the fact that more than half of the proposals that the user receives the search result, do not meet the real demand. Another type of players in this market — the Agency. If the largest real estate agencies are all relatively transparent (they offer services and take 3-4% of the transaction), small firms and start-UPS trying to position itself as a company that provides not just a listing of ads, but a whole range of services. For example, What offers easy to guide clients through the complexities of the market and takes a couple of percent in addition to already included in the price of the object real estate Commission.

Startup “33 Elephant” finds objects through aggregator “Yandex.Estate”, carries out full preparation of the apartment for sale (assist with housekeeping, doing professional photography), in parallel, offering the owner to enter into an exclusive contract for real estate support. But in fact, this contract is then sold to larger Agency, and a startup receives a percentage of the Commission. The total price of the object increases. Apartment with a market value of 7.7 million rubles turns into an object for 8.2 million rubles. Giglob represents a different business model.

Giglob — an online service that allows buyers and sellers to quickly find each other, not resorting to services of intermediaries. Thanks to modern algorithms and technologies used Giglob, not just search ads, and matching. The service analyzes and correlates thousands of requests for purchase and sale and selects the most suitable of all the parameters of the pair “buyer-seller”. The accuracy of the result is 80-100%. Both sides get exactly what you are looking for.

Buyers see relevant ads, and the sellers — matching buyers. The service helps to effectively conduct and an alternative transaction in which a person sells one house and buys another immediately (in the chain can involve more than two objects). Before you get to Giglob, objects are pre-tested specialists. Checked the cadastral number, address, area, absence of encumbrances like mortgage or a ban on the sale of.

All ads are posted directly by the owners. Any Commission amounts or hidden costs when buying an apartment through Giglob will not have to pay. For those who sells or changes the apartment, Giglob buyer selects from more than 200 sources. Sellers no longer need to wait until their ad will find our service they are free to communicate directly with potential buyers, to communicate, to bargain, to negotiate the price.

Using Giglob to sell the apartment for two or three weeks (now owners it often takes three to four months). Typically, the sales cycle is stretched due to incorrect assessment of the owner cost of housing object “hangs” on the market from unreasonably high prices. Algorithms Giglob instantly determine the market value of the object based on real demand in a specific period of time. The system also allows you to concurrently sell the old and buy a new apartment in a single transaction.

When a suitable option is found, it is necessary to conduct a thorough review of documents and prepare the transaction. This part of the work take lawyers Giglob. The user does not have to look for a specialist or trust checking procedure not too versed in legal matters of real estate agent. The design will take three hours (if necessary urgent transaction) to one or two days.

Payment for the service is 1% of the current value of the apartment. This is the lowest market fee for legal support of the transaction of purchase and sale. Now Giglob is preparing to launch a number of new features, including “smart” search that will allow further details to process requests. For example, a user will receive recommendations for the reorganization of space or repair the apartment, based on the options selected by the system.

Buyers and sellers will be able to list each other guaranteed payments (Deposit), and Giglob will monitor the parties adherence to agreements. This is the first step towards online transactions, which can be safely buy or sell an apartment actually in one click. The product is in active development, currently service more than 1500 loyal customers. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup.

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