Grocery Design: 20 Of The Most Important Materials For March

Digest of the head gantry design team Mail.Ru Group Yuri Vetrov. For seven years Yuri Vetrov publishes in his blog regular reviews of fresh articles on the subject of interfaces, new tools and collections of patterns, interesting cases and historical stories. From tapes of several hundred thematic subscriptions, it selects approximately 5% of standing publications with which are interesting to share among experts.

Especially for Yuri Vetrov gathered a summary of 20 of the most interesting links of March. The latest issue of the report of John Maeda about trends in the design industry interfaces for 2017. Interesting. About new venture capital funds from the designers (page 25) and organizational structure (page 30).

He also launched a separate website for these reports (now they are not under the brand KPCB). Kara Perniche from Nielsen Norman Group has produced an excellent analysis of how the results of usability testing using eye tracking depend on the formulation of the problem. The article really illustrate how changing the path of movement of the sight for different scenarios.

Steven Huber decided to update their research on how users hold smartphones. He started from afar. About the technology of touch screens, how they affect the accuracy of recognition of depression and gestures and even the way the human hand. A powerful article by Kirill Oleynik from Capital One about their approach to determining the strengths and weaknesses of the designer.

They broke the 34 characteristics on the five themes (humanity, creativity, goal setting, passion, processes) and have an interesting way of balancing teams. They refer to the approach Gallup StrengthFinder, something similar to PAEI Ichak Adizes. Studio Bankai made an interesting infographic of the basic methods, tools, patterns, and other key professional concepts and terms.

A new tool for front-end animations and interactive prototypes. Very promising work on iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Mac OS and web. There is a mode for editing JavaScript code to insert ready-made pieces of code in the product. Works on Mac.

Other news tools for designers: Launched the site-a collection dedicated to algorithmic design. Here are all the examples and content from articles and presentations. Plus what remained in OneNote notes.

It will be updated regularly (already ahead of publication by the number of links), so that you can use as a reference. Matt Lemay talked about the fact that most of the user interfaces pushing to success, hitting the top of the ranking and other positive moments of life, but the designers forget that many dont achieve these results and I feel like a loser. It is important to consider these aspects.

Kate Meyer of the Nielsen Norman Group has described an ideal interface comparisons of goods, rates and other information. Team Baymard Institute speculate about the problem of accidental clicks in mobile web and has suggested three ways of its solution — to ignore, to confirm and to give the opportunity to cancel the action. The third looks the most comfortable from the point of view of the interface but often requires significant technological investments. At the end of the article a good reminder on how to approach a specific task.

Bobby grace from Dropbox told us how the design team set up the system icons. From the unified layout in Sketch they now fall to the repository development. Google Ventures added a new type of sprint work on the brand in addition to the normal and research.

However, everything is very basic — a pretty standard process of determining what should be the brand. Jeff Sauro described the approach of scientific thinking to create the interface. It is based on hard work with Analytics and research, formulation and testing of hypotheses.

The second part of the collection of books from experts UXmatters dedicated to user research. Studio “Adventa” started the translation recently published of the series about the designers on the Russian language. Yet finished the first series, more on the way.

Josh Clark described a number of ethical problems that arise when using the first generation of “smart” assistants with voice control like Amazon Alexa. The results of search engines may contain is not always reliable or even false information, and they just read out the first result from it. Online course on web typography from matej Latin. Works in the format of lessons that come in the mail.

Excerpt from the third Chapter of the same book by Dan brown, is devoted to the description of the design principles. He well explains their use and gives sensible tips for creating your own. Victor Yocco have looked at the approaches to determining the optimal set of respondents for qualitative research.

He proposed a formula to calculate the number of participants in the user study. Natalia Sprogis wrote a great review article about eye tracking in UX research. Why is it needed, what its pros and cons.

You can read the full digest in my blog. In it, as usual, a lot of new materials on design for Apple Watch, Android Wear, Material Design, extensions for Sketch, fresh scripts and a ton of things. For fresh links, you can also follow the group on Facebook — thanks to everyone who helps to fill it. You can also get this in the mail. Send your speakers and front-end cases [email protected]

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