Grovio €? Device For Automated Care Of Plants

Monitors the health of the soil and the plants. Grovio device for the care of plants, created by a team of developers from Ukraine. Small column which is connected to the flower pot monitors the soil condition and if necessary, takes the plant water.

The device is equipped with a tube with sensors on the end. These sensors monitor the moisture content of soil in the pot and the General condition of the plant and transmit information Grovio. Based on the data the device determines exactly how much water to pour into the pot, and if the flower extra care.

If necessary Grovio sends the owner a notification to your smartphone. With the help of mobile apps it is also possible to trace the history of irrigation and the state change of the plant. Now developers raise funds on the manufacturing Grovio on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

The cost of one device, which can connect up to three plants will be $149.

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