“Gym On Wheels”: Lipton Released A Shopping Cart To Count Calories

The product looks almost the same as a normal truck, but its handle is integrated with a fitness tracker. Executive creative Director at Wunderman Mena Perth, Chrobot explained the idea of the campaign. When buyers see how many calories they burn in a supermarket, will be more likely to choose healthy foods. “We wanted to create something that can be considered enjoyable is. The cart will allow people to please themselves and make a choice in favor of health.

Green tea has always been a “healthy” choice”, — explained Krobot. According to representatives of the brand, trolley tracker is designed for busy people who dont always have time for training. But despite these limitations, they want to lead a healthy lifestyle. When a person aimlessly move around the shop, he throws in the cart all in a row. But when a basket shows how much energy it took to walk to the shelf, it stimulates to make an informed choice.

Such baskets for products already in the stores of Dubai, representatives of the Lipton plan to start mass production in 2017. In addition, the brand is going to release a mobile app that users can use the tracker, even if they have no access to the trolley.

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