“Handflow” €? Professional CRM For Recruiting

Connects the team to the selection of a specialist, allows you to track the entire course of the search and reduces the time of work with the vacancy. My name is Michael Tang, Im 31. Together with my partner Vitaliy by Glibini we have launched a “Handflow” — professional CRM for recruiting.

To “Handflow” were both more than a decade has developed and launched services for the largest Internet companies in Russia. Worked in Mail.Ru Group, the media holding “Aktion-media” and the HeadHunter. In every Corporation, we needed to hire people to the team.

“Handflow” we have invested, on the one hand, our experience in developing large b2b services, and on the other, an understanding of the problems of the selection process. We got to do service, which combines the teams of our clients around recruiting. The idea of the mechanics of the interface came to a head in 2014 when I was a grocery Manager in “Programme accountant” and was responsible for hiring technical. I formulated the requirements for an ideal candidate, and then all hell broke loose.

The specialist searched for yourself on recruitment sites and using two recruitment agencies. Responses came from corporate website and recommendations from social networks. First summary we have considered the project Director. Any showed the technical consultant of experience.

Together after interviewing candidates and, if approved, sent them to the meeting with the CEO of the entire media. Soon Excel in which I recorded the work with the candidates began to smoke, and with it I. Summary kept on recruiting sites, in responses to files on the computer email, Facebook, and Google Docs. Correspondence with candidates were conducted by email, Skype and Facebook.

At the twentieth candidate I started to go crazy. Then it became clear, what should be the perfect program to keep vacancies and a CV database. I looked for the service for the organization of work for jobs, but they all seemed outdated or of poor quality.

In 2015, we have launched a “Handflow”. “Handflow” enables you to work with vacancies. To add summary from multiple sources and to track the entire course of selection.

But the most important thing in the service — a convenient and fast interface, involving team in selection process. To work on the vacancy, the recruiter invites colleagues with the right level of access. Team lead, for example, only evaluates the competence of candidates at an early stage and technical Director discusses the results of interviews, the conditions of the offer and the date of return to work — this information is not available timido. Then everything works on the principle of commenting on the publications in any modern social network.

Once the recruiter takes the candidate on the colleague recruitment stage, head of Department receives e-mail notification and right in the looks and comments summary of candidate. This, in turn, receives the notification, the recruiter works with the candidate on. In 2015 our first customers — data-centers Selectel and marketing service Semrush — selected”, Handflow” including because of the possibility to involve the team.

We are guessing the mechanics. It turned out that people so like to write comments in social networks that the time for response by the candidate was reduced to a few minutes. And hiring managers stopped “dynamite” recruiters with answers summary. “Handflow” keeps summary from different sources.

Recognises CV in PDF, DOCX, DOC or RTF. Reports the vacancy of the effectiveness of recruiters, sources, summary and reasons of failures of candidates. Integrates with any work email from the recruiter and ensures full synchronization of correspondence with the candidate within the service. Adds interview in the corporate calendar, which automatically attaches a file with a summary. Monitors duplicate summary and warns if the candidate has worked previously.

Recently, we the first of HR programs has released an app right on the phone screen shows which candidate is calling. Recruiter pre-configured for the conversation and addresses the candidate by name. This helps to increase the company image in the labour market. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup.

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