“Hat Control”: The TV Channel “Friday” Has Attracted 11 Thousand New Subscribers With Dynamic Cover Community In “Vkontakte”

Representatives of the TV channel “Friday” and the Studio told LiveCover vc.ru how they managed to attract 11 million new subscribers to the community in “Vkontakte” and raise the rating of the film in the air of 2.5 times. 17 March on the page in “Vkontakte” entertainment channel “Friday” has started the action devoted to films about Harry Potter. Under the post “the sorting hat” that users can leave a comment with the tag #Clearspeed and get directions to one of the faculties of the school of wizards Hogwarts.

Collage with photograph and name of the faculty appeared in the cap community and in the photo album. During the first four hours under the record appeared more than 5,000 comments, over the weekend (Friday to Sunday) — 32.5 thousand. A week after the stock users do not lose hope to get into Hogwarts, leaving the publication under the hashtag #Clearspell (at the time of publication — 33927 reviews, 195 thousand hits record).

According to the creative Director at the digital TV channel “Friday” Artemis Gladchenko, the action was dedicated to the screening of films based on the books about Harry Potter on the weekends. The aim was to support the trend #20 (20-year anniversary since the release of the first book) and the increasing attention to the TV channel “Friday”. The problem, according to Gladchenko, was that all of the films in the series — not new and was repeatedly shown on different TV channels, so we needed a new approach to a well recognizable product.

To attract the attention of users, the channel decided to use the game mechanics, and technical implementation went into the Studio LiveCover. A few weeks before our campaign was the opportunity to work with the API data the covers. But those few examples that I saw were boring. They were to informers. Weather, the latest news, the latest subscriber.

Technical understanding of mechanics led to the idea to make a case for something more interesting and interactive than just displaying information. The community has launched a dynamic cover using neural networks for content filtering. The idea [with dynamic cover] was in the air and I noticed it in one of the communities. I realized that it contains more potential than just the output of the last subscriber.

Quickly assembled a team and began developing. We can say that we are now the leaders of the segment, given the case, packaging and processes. To the case with “Friday” we ran cover, aimed primarily at increasing the loyalty of subscribers and the conversion of community. In this format the cover is in the background improves ER and other KPIs. Together with “Friday” we first developed the mechanics, aimed at viral reach and maximum engagement.

The Foundation. Three days before the start of the special project on the community page staged a flash mob dedicated to the 20th anniversary since the release of the first book. Users invited to post photos of the books about Harry Potter and the hashtag #20. The news was sown in several fan groups, and on the following day the hashtag came in the top of relevant topics in “Vkontakte”, finishing in third place and in the community gathered several thousand fans of Harry Potter.

Integration with the air. The event was covered by TV channel “Friday” on the weekends. During the screening of films on the screen there was a graphic of dice, inviting viewers to “try something magical and get to know your faculty in Hogwarts.”. Mechanics.

The functionality of Vkontakte allows you to download the cover of the group just static image. In order for the information in the picture is constantly updated, we used a special software running on a separate server. The server received information about each of the new comments from the Callback API “Vkontakte”, then took the avatar of the user name, the framed data in a specific pattern and generate a new cover. The photo is instantly saved in the album community.

If the user does not have time to update the page (during campaign appeared to 15 reviews at the same time, the server processed the requests in 70 streams), you can find photos in the album. To increase the viral effect to each picture in the signature is added motivating to share with your friends. The use of neural networks. According to the developer, the development system was also used neural networks, which, before issuing a new cover, analyzed user data on the subject of profanity and nudity on your avatar. It was important for us when developing a project take into account the point that the cover of the community was supposed to be avatars with swearing, nudity and stuff.

To do this, the guys from LiveCover used neural network, which is filtered and not allowed to cover it all. She even successfully stopped users whose avatar was a “middle finger”. #20 — first place at the top of “Vkontakte” over the weekend. 11 thousand new subscribers.

The rating of movies by 2.5 times higher average channel. According to Gladchenko, first impressions of the Saga had for the weekend, and at first it seemed that to continue the action does not make sense. But the hype around the project has led to the fact that the channel decided to extend the event for another weekend. Hat interested not only fans of Harry Potter, but SMM-specialists.

A project for the channel “Friday” as the project for “Sberbank” on March 8, showed the first major brands highlight the benefits of a mechanic with dynamic skins. Now are communicating with several of them in the coming time will see several new case studies from major brands. The case affected the interest of the mass audience — seeing the effectiveness of the tool people want to use it and “be in trend”. With the flow of coping with difficulty, and actively expand the staff.

Now we are developing a service that will automate the process of creating a dynamic cover and make it available to everyone. On any photo, it will be possible to place the required widgets and customize the cover yourself under. Lets start with the simple, gradually expanding functionality. Will try to start the service as soon as possible, while collecting the wait list.

Then try to pull the same trick with Facebook — many people asked about competitive social network. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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