Headquarters: Moscow Office Editions “Cempionatam And .Ru”

Edition the Internet-editions “Cempionatam and .Ru” moved to one of the buildings of the business center “Danilovskaya Manufactura” at the Warsaw highway, which already is the majority of the Rambler&Co, at the end of 2015. The designers and planners of the new office had a goal to create a comfortable space that matches the spirit of each publication in which journalists will be comfortable to work and entertain guests.

On the first floor of the building there is a sofa area for employees and visitors of both versions. On the second — edition “Cempionatam”. In the same case there is the lecture — room of almost 50 people. The lecture was created for training, workshops, and activities for guests of Rambler & Co.

Office “Cempionatam” decorated in the style of Italian sports hall 50-ies, say representatives of the Rambler & Co. “Brick, wood and black mesh that separates the meeting rooms and workspaces. Turned out to be very alive, warm and even at home”.

Edition “.Ru” is the third and attic floors. In the interior the Internet-editions, decorated in white tones with black accents letters are used on floors, walls. As noted by the representatives of the Rambler & Co, “it symbolizes the work “.Ru” word and text”. In one wing of the attic is a room where the editorial Board, in another wing of the dining room.

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