Headquarters: New Office Site For The Sale Of Handmade Goods Etsy In Brooklyn

A new office team Etsy moved to 2016. The total area of the headquarters is more than 18500 square meters. For a new office, the company acquired from the sellers selling their goods on Etsy, paintings, furniture and other interior items. The building is equipped with space to work in silence, there are several small patios for rest, roof, several kitchens, large dining room, a meditation room, indoor Parking for bikes, space to conduct workshops in painting, sewing and so on.

In the office you can bring dogs. About 50% of the furniture in the headquarters of established sellers from Etsy. The companys management also made sure that the design of the office was not used for toxic materials — including the team checked all the paintings brought into the building.

Source. Business Insider.

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