Headquarters: Novosibirsk office of the company-developer-Magora Systems

In the Novosibirsk office of the Russian company-the developer-Magora Systems employs 75 people. Basically it is employees of, or otherwise associated with product development — programmers, testers, project managers and so on. Here a business analyst and sales specialists. The office occupies one floor of an office building.

Its total area is 800 square meters. When designing the headquarters of designers, according to company representatives, trying to focus on the experience of Western it organizations. The main purpose of the tutorial was to develop a convenient office where employees could focus on work, but at the same time he was supposed to be “homelike”.

Used in the design of wood and glass. The guide tried to make the office Magora Systems “green” — in the headquarters there is a moss wall, and by the end of November it should appear more than 30 plants. All plants that are already in office, say representatives of the company, have their own names. “About the plants we care and love, it is not just a part of the interior”.

Many sections of the office walls are covered with marker and magnetic paint so that employees can write and draw on the walls, as in conventional marker-magnetic boards. Separately, the companys representatives emphasize the companys commitment to create a comfortable climate for employees — this applies to lighting and air in the office. On the floor there are ionizers and air purifiers, all very light, but in some areas there are no light bulbs — for example, in negotiating Pacific installed light and the ceiling map of the world.

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