Headquarters: Seattle Office Of The Company With Russian Roots Parallels

This week in “Headquarters” — the Seattle office of the international Parallels. Parallels was founded in 1999, the Russian businessmen Sergei Belousov, Nikolay Dobrovolsky, Ilya and Jacob Sobrevida. Now the organization has 10 offices worldwide, including Moscow, Tallinn and Malta.

“The design of American companys office worked with the internal team of designers and architects. Engineers and designers were challenged to create the most functional workspace. The office interior is executed in the corporate colors. For the arrangement of working space took almost six months,” — say representatives of the company.

All the office staff — including managers — work in openspace. The total area of headquarters is 1000 square meters. The office employs the companys President, creative office, marketing direction and sales.

In the headquarters there are several Seating areas, meeting rooms, dining hall and several coffee-points and Bicycle Parking. Send photos and a brief description of his office on [email protected] In the subject specify the name of the company and dont forget to leave a note “Headquarters”.

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