Heineken Gave The Bar A Tickets For The Champions League Match With The Condition That They Send Their Girls To A Spa

When the men saw the message, they go up with an explanation for why they want to send their girls to have some fun. One of them claimed that the interviewee looks tense, so she should dedicate time to yourself and relax. In the end, the characters find themselves in the final match in front of a large screen and a stadium of people who greeted them with a standing ovation. On the welcome display appears an inscription with the words.

“Enjoy the finale as much as your girls are enjoying a Spa break”. Girlfriend characters tell from the screen about how great it is to spend time, but later they rip off my bath towels, and the camera shows them side by side with the same stadium. Men at this time, cover the face with hands in shame and embarrassment. “Could you imagine what your girl likes soccer as well as you?” — the inscription in the commercial.

The roller, developed by the Agency Publicis, has been called “Cliché”. It aims to destroy the gender stereotypes that women dont like football. In January 2016 Heineken in its advertising has decided to convey to the audience the idea of responsible consumption of alcohol. In the video brand women sing the song Hero singer Bonnie Tyler and looking for a “hero” who wont get drunk to unconsciousness at night.

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