“Hire In A Startup Cats, And In The Larger Business Horoshist”

Employees — those who influence your business. Those who leads it forward or who helps him to die. And only you decide how events will unfold. Choosing the key people on her team is probably your most important decision to achieve the result.

In my opinion, large strokes to divide employees into three main groups. Lets start with the good. There is a cool, driving, Sunny, honest, service, hypertragulidae, proactive, open, accountable and ready to go for the company or for the leader under the most unattainable task. It is clear that these to all you want.

And as a rule, do not buy. Because all of the above is not for sale. They want to develop and are willing, often (but not always) to donate the wages for challenges and the opportunity to grow. Such need or deserve (after all, it is important the leader and his qualities as honesty and fairness, the willingness to invest in them), or to grow, constantly giving them the opportunity to develop.

And they need to ship the responsibility on your own risk, that they understand that if you fail it will be only their responsibility. Thats right, Id them. They just need to trust, and they will be able. Believe in them, and they turn the world upside down.

Well, a small observation. Such employees often meet up to 30-35 years than in older age. Then all these wonderful qualities imposed a serious share of failures, drops, mortgages, children, disease. These people remain cool, but no longer at risk, grows scales, and dont want to put yourself in danger. And someone keeps courage for life, and such people are very beautiful, brave and successful.

And you can arbitrarily lament that these can be found only in the red book. Listen, if youre not ready to afford these people close themselves or are not, then it means nothing. They are. They are steep and lead the business forward, as no investor with his money and connections.

There is nothing easier than to descend, gaining safe mediocrity, which is convenient to manage. This reminds me of a quote from another community in “Vkontakte”, attributed to Sergey p. Kapitza. “Gather the herd of sheep easily, it is difficult to gather a herd of cats”. Get a team of cats. And there are those who just dont like to work.

In General. Dislikes. Does not consider it necessary. We have such a program like in a computer game. To bypass obstacles, not to solve them, not to get into a difficult situation.

Such employees are of two types. Explicit and implicit. Explicit and open Peter comes for a job interview, and on the part where you ask if there were any questions, he gently and long interested in the schedule, overtime, wages. And all.

When you suddenly ask if he has questions by task or functionality, he said. “Yes. By the way. And bonuses monthly or quarterly. A refrigerator is?”.

Peter, most likely, applies for the position of sales Manager or a member of a specialist. And most likely, the supervisor is not the nicest company will not grow. Because he does not want responsibility. Well, she does not need it.

And, in fact, Peter will be good in his place, if he is to clearly outline the range of problems and tell what is good and what is bad”. Just do not expect more from him. Hidden and cunning Basil comes to interviews, he makes a great presentation, very nice and long talks about his achievements. Bob passed dozens of interviews and read hundreds of tips online on how to do it right.

Our Bob claims a good position in good company for good money, of course. And if you are going to check her references or do not feel the catch, he usually got the job. But will not work. It will create visibility, to assemble meetings, to participate actively in the public life of the company, make friends with the right people, and questions about the results will talk about magnetic storms, the crisis in the country and in the industry of late appeared online, incorrect plans — all this prevented him from coming to the execution of the task, and it needs to understand and forgive.

He loves the question “Where are the results?” reply “again, You are looking for extreme, but I work a sweat”. And its such a sweet manipulation. “I am dartagnan, all the cardinals guards”. Oh, how many hours, effort, and money has been spent on these Vasile.

And it is a very simple recipe. As soon as you realize that the person blames someone else for your own failures — all alles, do not take fire, save your time and money. What unites Peter and Vasya. Most often, social networks.

In them Peter spends so much time. He laykaet pictures Busty girls, kittens, and periodically repost publications like “the proposed MPs to live on minimum subsistence level”. Bob, as a person educated and intelligent, understands that there is such a thing as a network and collects the maximum amount of “friends”, pages have which participates in discussions on all sorts of topics — from the permits to carry firearms in a particular state in distant America, to completely banal and not interesting statements on the subject of his professional activities. However, he does not love those who succeed him, but deferential; its main TSA is the losers, which he was “stroking” and “consolation”.

There is one “but”. His comments, unfortunately, many. And it shows. And washi wish to make impression of the expert makes an impression only on those who knows nothing about the subject, and there are many, I must say.

In General, there is also an active presentation — and nothing behind it. So listen carefully to the first interview, check references, sign up for potential employees on social networks and find in your feed. Those who will make 80% of your employees in the shake business.

A strong and stable b. They are reasonably intelligent, responsible, willing to work for good wages. But without having to take on extra, with no guarantee of promotion. For them work was not a sense of life and its most important part is the source of income.

They are good, capable, they want to grow want more money. They are willing long to tolerate nonsense leadership and a tough schedule, knowing that ahead of they sale in the mortgage. They are pragmatic and its probably the main thing that characterizes such employees. And it is very good. Because they will work, clearly understanding the direct dependence of bonus from the results will be ready for it to process.

It is very important to not start Bob. To distinguish it in words from a solid “b +” is not simple, and firing — difficult, unpleasant, smelling. Summarizing. Hire in a startup cats, and swung the business of b.

And beware Vasile.

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