“His natural state — dispute”: Former colleagues and acquaintances about Uber co-founder Travis Kalonice

One of the entrepreneurs with whom was interviewed by the editor of FastCompany, Jordan Krechmer, CEO of the marketing platform Livefyre. According to Kretschmer, he knew Calonica at a time when he wasnt working on Uber. “Kretschmer was 25 years old when he graduated from College. Calonico by this time was about thirty.

He was an engineer, but was speaking as a marketer, wore a cowboy hat and was very smart,” writes FastCompany. As noted by Jordan Krechmer, the future founder of Uber seemed absolutely tireless and was always in motion. Kretschmer and Kalanick met in 2009 at an event organised by the future founder of Uber in his own home. At these meetings was about the familiar Calonica working in the tech industry, and discussed the future of the Internet business, companies and so on.

About startups then no one spoke. In 2009 Travis Kalanick together with Garrett Camp founded Uber. Garrett camp insisted that Kalanick, initially acted as an Advisor to the project, took the position of General Director and dedicated company all the time — but the entrepreneur refused. According to him, Uber was “too small”.

In 2010, the startup has hired another person for the role of supervisor — Ryan graves. “I wasnt ready to give 100 or even 150 percent,” said Kalanick in the comments for FastCompany. The editor of FastCompany writes that, after talking with several friends of Travis Calonica, he was surprised by how the media and the American technological environment at odds with the stories of those who know the entrepreneur personally.

Uber — ethical challenge Silicon valley. As noted by Kretschmer, Kalanick worried about each company, created by his friends or acquaintances. He was ready to help them at least twice a week to come into the office and check how things are going — free.

Once Jordan Krechmer met with Travis Kalencom to talk about their ideas. Most of it was occupied by the project, which was called Tweetbios — extension for Twitter, adding new functionality to the user home page. “This is a fine idea, said Kalanick. — Very small”.

It upset me terribly. I Tweetbios were already users, the project grew steadily. The next three hours, says Kretschmer, he spent in heated debate with the founder of Uber, until they finally came to the idea that I liked both — and in less than a week Jordan Krechmer told about his new project 45 business angels. His new project Livefyre — marketing platform that helps brands promote their products in social networks and not only — by the middle of 2015 managed to raise $72 million of funding and get big clients such as Coca-Cola and News Corp.

The Creator of the service of questions and answers Formspring ade Alone tells how one day he sent Calonico a letter with a question about what he thinks about the text of the vacancy, which the company planned to place on your website. In response, he sent a completely rewritten text on two pages. “I know the founder of Uber as a very smart and generous person,” says Alona.

However, Kretschmer notes, Kalanick is really a very aggressive personality. “You can understand him — he builds one of the most important companies of all time,” says the entrepreneur. To understand who is actually the head of Uber, says the editor of FastCompany, to trace the history of its formation as an entrepreneur.

Kalanick dropped out of College in 1998 at the age of 21 years. He decided to engage in the development of joint business with his classmates Michael Todd and Vince Busymom. Together former students have developed a file sharing Scour. Kalanik not only participated in the creation of the service and also directed the areas of marketing and business development in the new company — according to FastCompany, among the founders Scour Kalanick was reputed to be the least “geek”, and these areas it was decided to trust him.

Kalanick alone has attracted several investors to Scour, one of which (the former President of Walt Disney Michael Ovitz) after some time, filed for the project in court — while the startup was searching for new investors. “It was one of the first lessons of running your own business, who received the future founder of Uber”. Today and the investor, and Kalanick prefer not to discuss the conflict — but it is recognized that still feels physically ill when watching movies by Walt Disney. Base Scour grew to several million users — largely due to the fact that file sharing has spread pirated versions of films and audio recordings.

The company has faced numerous lawsuits from record labels and other organizations, and was forced to declare bankruptcy. The total damage caused to Scour the plaintiffs valued at $250 billion “which is approximately equal to the GDP of Sweden”, says Kalanick. Then, the future founder of Uber decided to take revenge on the companies that ruined his first project. The idea was to make the former plaintiffs to pay Calonico for its new product.

Startup, entrepreneur founded in 2001, was called Red Swoosh and was designed to help media companies to place large files on the network. “Like many other plans of revenge, it sounded better than it actually worked,” writes FastCompany. The whole time of its existence, the newspaper notes, the project teetered on the brink of bankruptcy. In 2005 he was close to concluding a major deal, but it eventually failed.

Former Director General Scour Dan Rodriguez said. “We thought Travis — crazy, just continues to do this project. But at the same time, we all knew that he was the only one who could bring the start of the crisis”. And Calonico did it — after a failed transaction in 2005, it has attracted investor Mark Cuban, has formed a new team Red Swoosh and in 2007 sold the company to the Corporation Akamai for $23 million.

So the entrepreneur became a millionaire. At first, Travis Kalanick believed that Uber forever destined to remain a small company. He, in his own words, to 2010 did not fully understand how to scale this business and bring it to markets around the world.

On weekdays, when the city went 2-3 cars, users had to wait long driver. However, on weekends and in the evenings the number of cars on the streets increased, the waiting time decreased, orders became more drivers had increased their income. I saw how the math works in this business. For the entrepreneur it is understood.

Uber can be a huge company. “If the price is low enough, more people will want to use the service. This will lead to an increase in the number of cars on the roads. The more cars, the less time feeding and more reliable service. And our high class product will cost people less than the product of the lower class,” recalls their ideas Kalanick.

Then the person was first really interested in your startup — though still and resisted the proposals of the camp to become CEO of the company. At the end of 2010, he still led the startup. Colleagues of the businessman I think that the other person would never be able to turn Uber into what he is now — this masterfully tempered only by the claims Kalanick.

The first problem faced by young project, was a ban on work of a startup in San Francisco and a fine of $5000, as well as the requirement to enter into an Uber guide to jail — 90 days for each day of work. “Its not such a big amount as the GDP of Sweden, but its enough to ruin a startup,” writes FastCompany. Kalanick did not curtail the activities of the project — he agreed to meet with the city Council, intending to explain his representatives that Uber is not a taxi service, and the rules for taxi companies do not apply to it.

The debate has attracted much public attention, and the number of registrations in Uber began to grow rapidly. Among employees the most expensive startup in the world — the former head of security of Facebook, a former employee of the headquarters of U.S. President Barack Obama, part former team the research division of Carnegie Mellon University, engaged in the study and design of cars. According to the editor of FastCompany, the main criterion by which the management of a start-up selects new employees — the belief in the idea of the project.

Technical Director at Uber notices that Kalanick is trying to convey to all employees the idea that the best ideas always win. On the fourth floor of the head office of Uber in San Francisco drawn line width of about 60 cm. It surrounds the entire openspace. The length of one of the “circle” is about 6.5 km.

As employees of Uber, Kalanick always goes on this line is a week not less than 65 km (100 laps). “I just think better”, — says the businessman. According to colleagues and friends Calonica, his “ideology” is the desire to change the generally accepted norms — only undermining any well-established process, he feels truly happy.

“His natural state — dispute. When Travis has hired a new technical Director at Uber, they spent about 30 hours, discussing aspects of managing a team of developers. He always encourages all the employees to disagree with him is in dispute because the best ideas are born”. Many founders of companies in Silicon valley, writes FastCompany, see themselves as “visionaries” — they try to anticipate changes in the industry and have your business on assumptions about the future.

Travis Kalanick pride in its ability to analyze the data that he has now — and to apply the received knowledge in practice. Imagine you are driving on the highway in the fog. You see the road and keep your hand on the steering wheel — but I dont know where you will move after a few minutes, and dont see its purpose. And with technology companies — need to be able to analyze the current situation and to restructure its strategy in accordance with the received data.

Such “dynamic” thinking Kalanick applies in each market, the Uber. When the company came to new York in 2011, the emphasis in its advertising campaign was made on the quickness. “Business people cant afford to wait long”. In Washington in the same year, the startup has used a different strategy, making the focus on service availability.

Many representatives of political organizations in Washington do not earn as much as their leadership, says the entrepreneur, but they also want to ride on a representative car. Uber gives them that opportunity. In each of the markets, writes FastCompany, Uber, in fact, separate startup launches. Each of them conformed to the cultural norms.

Marketing campaigns are built in accordance with the mentality of the inhabitants of the city. Each branch Uber operates specially employed in the region of the head. “I dont make decisions, if you do not know all the details of the problem,” admits Kalanick. This approach has some drawbacks.

Often the heads of regional offices, clearly not understanding the situation and the context, begin to imitate Calonico — and thus create additional problems. The head of service in the French city of Lyon was accused of sexism after publishing the entry with the title “Who said women cant drive?” in a corporate blog. Some time later, global head business development company announced that Uber employees should follow the “undesirable” journalists. These errors were not provoked by Kalencom, but he is saying in the press is largely set the tone of behavior for other startup managers.

According to FastCompany, it is obvious that Uber is in the beginning of his career. Kalanick still considers the companys weak — he doesnt talk about it, but the editor of FastCompany sure that it is. The entrepreneur plans to strengthen the impact of Uber, enter new markets, to take risky steps to increase business. Stop there and try to get profit at the expense of the cities where Uber is already quite entrenched and brings a large income is not in his plans.

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