HomeAway in the video made fun of Airbnb for offering to relax with strangers

In his video HomeAway reminds about all the inconveniences associated with the need to share housing with someone else (in homes or hotels). Someone elses hair on the soap, the appearance of a stranger in the bedroom, spoiled food, a romantic dinner next to a loud talking neighbours. “Its your party. Why split it with someone else?”, — says the VoiceOver at the end of the video.

The campaign should help HomeAway to increase market share and to indicate its difference from other services like Airbnb, which offer shared accommodation in apartments and usually for a short time. HomeAway offers, by contrast, relate mainly to long term guests. “We try to convey to people the difference between what we do and the hotels and companies like Airbnb,” said HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. According to representatives of the company, HomeAway, which primarily delivers ads about renting entire houses, about 10% -15% of intersections with Airbnb listings.

The name of the competitor is not pronounced in advertising for several reasons. First of all, in HomeAway believe that they managed to get this “pretty clear”. In addition, commercials are in those countries where there are similar company. Guide HomeAway decided not to attract further attention to Airbnb. In 2015, HomeAway bought by Expedia for $3.9 billion.

According to HomeAway, 2015 it spent $60 million on traditional and digital advertising worldwide. Airbnb in their advertising campaigns, on the contrary, shows the benefits of staying in other peoples homes. In July 2015, the organization released a video about kindness to people, which can be felt while living in the apartments of strangers. However, users criticized the advertising for proposals “to sleep in their beds, to see their dreams and look into their Windows, to understand their views”. In September 2015 Airbnb has developed to advertise large three-dimensional layout of Paris to show the city life.

In this video the company has put emphasis on the fact that, staying in the homes of citizens, tourists have more chances to learn about different terrain features.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/

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