How Are The Personal Budget Of The Russian Entrepreneurs

Tips the founders of Aviasales, Coub, MDK and other companies. The editors learned from the well-known Russian entrepreneurs as they consider personal finances and monitor spending. Informed their tips shared by readers

I can share, probably, principles of money management, not specific instruments of budget planning, as I have, they superpremium. These are the Bank statements for income and also Bank statement (in the application for Finance management, Rocketbank) for expenses. Thats all.

This is enough to have a picture from the “helicopter”. All costs are trying to do on the card and not in cash (to be indexed and walked cashback). If you pay by card is impossible, I specifically each month to withdraw a round amount (e.g., 50 thousand rubles), then it is easy to see the whole image and not think at all.

Accounting tool is irrelevant. Before I even have a table in Excel led. And then I realized that I needed a high-level control. All just.

One of my close friends taught me. “Dont save money, spend them from the heart for loved ones, friends, enjoy them. And they will return to you a hundredfold”. Do it, and it just works. When planning personal finances, I prefer to stick to several simple principles.

First of all, I plan on spending at least a year. Approach to personal Finance people in Russia is special in many ways. The majority believes that the accounting of funds, management of personal accounts — this is something petty, thats being a miser or boring. Actually it is not.

At the end of the year (November — December) I find the time to create a personal financial plan for the next year (which if required, will be taken into account and long-term expenses 3-5 years). Your income and expenses must be recorded in writing, it is not necessary to hope that this kind of information to keep in mind. Its not necessary to install any special program, you can create a simple table in Excel or Word.

Financial plan that we create for the year, needs to be detailed. To consider is not only planning a major purchase (purchasing an apartment, furniture, car, expensive travel), but also, say, holidays, birthdays, and more. One of my basic principles. Current cost of purchases, gifts and entertainment when planning a budget should not be a priority. A widespread approach of “I will spend as long as you wish, the rest will lay” is incorrect.

To distribute personal Finance should carefully, according to your life priorities. I have in the first place — self-development, education, and the second one investing in tools that will allow me to earn passive income, and then go spending on current needs. I prefer investing in commercial properties — shopping centers and street retail generate revenue from the lease, and the direct management of objects I do not do, it makes specialized management company site Aktivo. Poor 90-ies taught me to be a reasonable expenditure. So I dont keep a budget.

Sorry for the time it. In the head there is an understanding of what to do and what not. For example, I dont buy cars and use a taxi, feet, bike and metro. It and for the money cheaper and doesnt take the head with unnecessary problems like parks, Parking lots, insurance and accidents.

On some things a sin to save. For example, you should always have a flagship smartphone, its productivity. Those who are prone to embezzlement, credit, or postpones less than 30% of income for the future, of course, it is necessary to budget.

Record all spending, analyze their structure, and not too literally wise phrase that we must not be afraid of large expenses and small income. We have a monthly family budget of revenues and expenditures, where we are looking to converged balance, and at the end of the month it was rather positive. To control the current costs we use the principles of reasonable consumption, which allow to influence the budget and to strike a balance — to buy high quality stuff, but not “luxury”, not to pursue a consumer illusions, not optional to buy expensive things, cars and other attributes of “beautiful life”. It is better to spend more money on travel and experiences.

There are also principles of investing. If we talk about the conservative part of your portfolio, I think it is right to invest in financial instruments that dont require maintenance time — deposits and bonds. When investing in businesses (as a shareholder or operating Manager), then choose those that are close to me in spirit, which are interesting and useful, where investing not only money but also time, ideas, you can feel the impact and implementation.

I made several approaches to planning for personal expenses, and they are all messed up, as a rule, at the stage of entering or recording of all expenses. So next month I plan to take another approach. Likely to start in Excel, then slowly will connect planners.

Generally, this activity is better to trust the woman he loves, because it is necessary to focus on increasing parish funds. Five years ago, I tried Saver and other apps, but gave up — not enough discipline to write down all spending. We have a single family account, which is used by three adults and one child. I have repeatedly tried to take itself in hands and to balance your checkbook, either in Excel or using services like Zenmoney, but still never missed me more than two to three weeks.

Still, they all are missing some extra buns to plant yourself like me for a long time. And as I still very bad with personal expenses then your map put a limit on daily spending — 10 thousand rubles. This is enough to fill the car, go to a cafe or shop.

All that expensive — bought with separate cards, and the buying know more than one family member. Well, the basic principle of the costs of the family simple. Got money spend, no not spend. And to understand about, not too much, we visited pubs or shops in each of the months, you regularly look into the private office of “Alfa-Bank” is formed where heres a nice chart.

I dont plan on spending because like all entrepreneurs, my income jumps every month, sometimes your personal expenses needs to be invested in the projects, so there is some planning excluded. The balance between revenues and expenditures could not hold. Look at the Bank account in TCS or “Alfa Bank”.

Cash do not use. Minimum threshold of spending especially no. The credit limit of my banks several million, the main thing for them not to fall. For daily control use Zenmoney for five years (or how many do they exist?). Well done guys.

If you get used to making transactions takes a little time, the larger part can be automated. Why is it. First, a sense of control. When accustomed to it, to refuse is not easy.

Secondly, interesting statistics — you can see where actually the money is spent. There are surprises (probably most are not aware of how much you spend on a car, or food in restaurants). Much on these things, I am not obsessed, but completely abandon this account is not ready. It is as if you are in the company implemented a normal management reporting, cant understand how you lived without it before.

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