How Does The Manager Of E-Commerce In An International Company-producer Of Consumer Goods

On salaries and career development, the meaning of their work and the problems companies with the development of digital projects. The creators of Telegram channel about a career @yourcareer continue to take anonymous interviews with professionals from well-known companies and industries.

It is believed that digital, ecommerce and SMM managers — these former students and students who have dabbled with their communities on “Vkontakte” or pocket Internet shops without having specialized education, and after the hype around these posts has a job. What do you think?. Any practical experience is always a plus. In my case, the experience of creating and participating in a real ecommerce projects played a key role in career development and helped to get the international Corporation.

Vocational education currently, almost irrelevant, according to my feelings. The fact that education on the topic of digital and ecommerce has only recently started to flourish, and now you can find courses on any subject from the digital. But three or four years ago such courses was virtually no.

About HYIP digitalization comes in waves for different sectors. In Russia, the market of FMCG (the goods of daily demand —, for example, he only recently came. It can clearly be seen on current vacancies.

While electronics and appliances have already passed this stage, but continue to strengthen the position, because digital and ecommerce began to play an even more important role. The most obvious example — Samsung. You probably remember that their smartphones were removed from the Federal networks “Coherent” and “Euroset”, as well as from stores “Beeline” and “MegaFon”. In fact, the product has gone from several thousand retail outlets across the country.

If this happened with some of FMCG product, the loss would be enormous. But Samsung in this case, almost nothing is lost in the market. And obviously this became possible thanks to development of the ecommerce channel, their own store and through a partnership with “Ulmarra”, “M. Video”, “Eldorado” and other.

How did your career. What was done, where worked before. I ended up not top University according to the specialty “advertising and marketing”.

After graduation got a job in a small Russian company in the marketing Department with a wide range of duties. Two years later decided to specialize in online marketing, and moved into a transnational company is a manufacturer of electronic devices. This transition was made possible because of my interest, knowledge and practical experience that I got outside the main work.

What was that experience like?. I participated in the development and launch of several online stores. It gave a basic understanding on how to establish online business and what are the main criteria of success in it.

Also as part of these projects I had to deal with the traffic. In principle, to a turnover of 1 million rubles per month in online store, you can do very much myself, partially giving something to outsource.

Could you build a career in online marketing business without having specialized education?. It is possible, but the employer welcomes, when you work on the profile, or at least in the field of Coloproctology. Time and again in the interviews, it was noticed. Besides it is very convenient to sell to companies.

Built up a good history of your career experience, interests and development plans. If a person wants to complete, the most relevant for digital marketing education, what it can be universities and faculties. What would you advise?.

Anyway, to do digital marketing, you need to know the basics of marketing and advertising. This is very important and not forget it.

It on digital I have not studied the proposals of the universities, but it seems the theme is not very developed. There are good reviews of colleagues courses CAVIAR, RMA, and so on. Besides on the Internet there are many free e-courses from Google, “Netology” and Coursera.

On I see already a dozen types of jobs in large companies regarding online marketing. Digital Manager, online Manager, expert in online trade, SMM specialist and other. Why are companies all of these people and what distinguishes their work among themselves.

Companies understand that digital is not a fashion piece, but actually an important tool of big business. Although recently somewhere there was an article about the fact that Procter & Gamble plans to cut the cost of digital, and again to boost investments in TV advertising. But I have a feeling that its not digital, and in the P&G or contractors. Companies are now actively building structure under these areas.

But the problem is that in large companies dont always know what exactly needs to deal with fellow. And this is a big plus for a proactive and motivated people — you can do what you want, and carry thus added value (value added — In previous work I have worked on various projects in various fields of digital. SEO, paid search, SMM, email, viral video, ecommerce and so on.

In large companies there is usually a digital Manager who is responsible for the development and implementation of a digital strategy. It includes all the digital areas in which companies need to develop. The Digital Manager manages contractors and is responsible for the achievement of the required KPI.

Ecommerce Manager is usually responsible for development of channel of online sales or their own ecommerce platform. Due to the fact that all of this is a new position for most companies, the responsibilities and duties may vary.

SMM-Manager should be responsible for social media strategy, promotion and reputation. But again, the situation depends on the specific positions in each company. Somewhere SMM-Manager may be responsible for the content somewhere in the page of company in social networks, and somewhere all at once.

What is the order of the salaries of online marketers to international corporations. How and where to grow?. The order of wages, I estimate, depending on company and level of the post varies from 120 thousand to 170 thousand rubles. Work in senior positions are paid at the same level as other senior positions.

Senior brand managers, heads of sales in the regions, heads of trade marketing. But with the growth of typically the problem, especially in large companies. The structure of the digital and ecommerce soon, you usually takes the one and the highest position in this direction. In contrast to the classical marketing-the hierarchy of growth in virtually no.

Digital Directors as separate units is almost non-existent. I once faced in their company and within a year will face if nothing would be invented.

How much do you earn?. I get to the fork closer to the end point. What is the essence of your work.

What would happen if tomorrow your position will be closed. I am responsible for the development strategy of online sales channel. In the short term, if Im not there, the company can lose a big growth in the online segment compared to competitors.

In the medium and long term, the company may lose market leadership and lose not only in the online segment, but in the offline channel. It is quite obvious that in the near future, no company will fail to achieve market leadership without online channel. What are the main challenges in your work. What is easy and what is difficult?.

The main challenge is to transform your organization, teach colleagues to work with digital and ecommerce tools at a basic level, to prove to them the importance of this area. To talk about their problems and the results in plain language. Of course, this is not only my role, involved in it and HR, and managers of the organization, but Im one of the drivers of this process.

The second is the rate of change. How would it not sound corny, but the world is changing very quickly. Large corporations are not always able to adapt to these changes. To do a project quickly and efficiently, you must always make great efforts.

The third is to enter the activity in the companys standards. Everything should be digitized, coordinated and directed towards common results. Sounds logical, but almost all of these processes were originally developed to online.

As in corporations relate to colleagues from digital. Is there some grumbling, they say. “Do not understand anything, it would be better sold, not YouTube conversions with their saw”. Do people understand the importance of what you do?.

Of course, something a La “some kind of garbage doing” is often present. But it all depends on you. Only their actions and real results, it can break. So its important to look at the business as a whole, to understand what is now required and to achieve this with the help of digital tools.

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